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Exclusive: Yvonne Orji ‘still pinching herself’ on how far she’s come in her career: ‘Some things are beyond what I could have believed’

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Yvonne Orji always dreamed break into the world of entertainmentand now he’s about to do what he loves, something he doesn’t take for granted.

“I still pinch myself. I live in things I used to believe in, but some things are beyond what I could have believed because I didn’t even know life exists or that those things existed. Sometimes I think, ‘I’m just up on the ground floor You haven’t seen anything yet! I’m not that far from the girl who had dreams, and now I’m the girl who’s living those dreams,” the 39-year-old, who collaborated with hertz and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady for a series of commercials in which she plays the host of a talk show and Brady, her famous guest, tells exclusively Morning honey.

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“I still think about those difficult days,” she admits. “I am grateful that this is my life.”

THE Insecure star she dabbles in a number of different things – from acting to comedy to writing a book – but luckily she is good at balancing it all. “It sounds like a lot, but when you look at it, it all kind of feeds into the bigger picture,” she shares. “We continue to tell stories that reflect people who look like me. I love telling stories and am so interested in human experiences on so many different levels.”

Since the comedian is so intrigued by others, it makes perfect sense that he would want to host a talk show one day.

“It’s already out in the universe, so I like it when things happen organically,” she notes. “Everyone knows this is something I want to do in the future. Things come in due course. If I’m being honest, there are still a few other projects I want to do now before a potential talk show. If it does, my show would be probably be a mix of James Corden, Chelsea manager AND Oprah. They are many things. We can go deep, we can do comedy, we can be goofy – that’s all I am.”

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“I really really like people“, he jokes. “It’s exhilarating for me. I care about people becoming the best version of themselves, and I’m constantly talking to people like, “How are we growing?” How are you evolving? What do you do to have fun?’ I like being taught about new things.”

Because the author is an open book and loves to chat with anyone and everyone, his partnership with hertz for their Let’s go countrysidelaunched in October 2021, it highlights the rental car giant investments in electric vehiclesdifferentiated fleet options and great customer service.

In the new campaign, the soccer star appears as a guest at the fictional HertzLet’s go show hosted by Orji, where he wins a “Let’s Go moment” in a Hertz EV.

“The hosting place is where I am most comfortable. I have hosted weddings, I have guest hosted for Ellen DeGeneres. I always wanted to have my own talk show and then I also worked with Tom Brady. I was like, ‘We’re going to have fun!’ It was such a beautiful sport and we had such good chemistry. When you see the campaign, you see the laughter and joy we had on set. It was very funny.”

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When Orji toured in 2020, she chartered with Hertz to get to the different cities where she performed. “I have enjoyed my experience with them and they have the largest fleet of electric vehicles so I am making the environment safer – and you have choices and options too!” she adds. “I’m a girl who likes options – don’t just give me a choice!”