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Exclusive: URvet Care co-founder Aimee Stoopler’s mission statement is “To improve conditions for our pets who aren’t so lucky”: “I want to create a safe space”

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Aimee Stooplerco-founder of URvet care in New York City, she still feels giddy when she is recognized for being a female founder.

“This is a very exciting platform to truly be locked and loaded to deliver excellent pet medicine and make a difference in the lives of pet owners. Being a founder comes with a lot of responsibilities and finally finding myself accountable for happiness and my employees’ success is a tough challenge. The amount of tasks in each day is endless and observation from afar allows me to focus on areas that need immediate attention”, says the entrepreneur exclusively Morning honey of URvet Care, a one-stop-shop hospital facility to help pet owners have a seamless medical experience.

Growing up, Stoopler was part of a “pet-owning family,” but neither were veterinarians.

“I’ve had pets since childhood and have raised my children with a pet in our family. The love a pet brings to a family is precious, and I love being around these furry friends,” she expresses.

From there, Aimee and her husband, Evan Stoopler, created URvet Care in the Big Apple, as he wanted a place where it was easy for pets to get the help they needed. The facility, which just opened its first location on the Upper East Side, offers accessible pet health care with top veterinarians, specialists and professionals providing pet health care facilities providing primary care, dental, oncology, surgical, pharmaceutical and urgent care services seven days a week for your pets.

“I love delivering a better experience across the board, starting with my team. Our first team icebreakers included speeches confirming my passion for making people feel safe, meeting their needs, and creating a feeling environment safe and recognized. I love the learning that was definitely acquired here, as I knew nothing about veterinary medicine,” she says of his work. “Most of all, I love meeting people, hearing their stories, and helping them take care of their dogs and cats. The truth is, everyone has a story. Sometimes, you just have to stop and listen.”

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Sure, there are ups and downs along the way, but Aimee, who is a board-certified patient advocate, is embracing it all.

“It’s been a learning curve to work with different personalities, in a field I’m learning every minute. The hardest part of my job is learning not to take things personally. If the room temperature isn’t right, I feel personally responsible for whether someone is too hot or too cold,” he says. “I have to learn to cope and act in a non-threatening way. Getting input is helpful, but also challenging, especially when you you gave your best.”

Plus, Aimee has the pleasure of being with her husband, who still brings her coffee in bed after 34 years of marriage.

“Working with my husband has introduced a challenging new element into our relationship: trying to talk to each other about anything OTHER than URvet,” she says of the dynamic. “Some days we have to play a game trying to stay off topic, but one of us usually loses pretty quickly. Evan and I work well together, but obviously now we have to try and do fun things together and manage our stress levels.”

As for why URvet Care is different from other places, Aimee notes, “Our ‘office’ is the break room at one of our locations or the amenity floor of my apartment building. intensity. In any case moment, we are working on a few things at the same time as we are growing and everyone is multitasking. We don’t have set schedules and midday exercise breaks are common, but our days are long and full. Above all, we want everyone heard from older people, to workers on our construction teams who may have valuable advice that we’ve overlooked. That’s why I love talking to everyone!”

At the end of the day, Aimee loves helping others, which is one of the many reasons why started the business.

“Being a female founder is great, but I can’t take full credit because my husband and I are a team and we created URvet Care together. I love the idea of ​​creating something from the beginning,” she notes. “There is no story and there are no bad habits to break. My advice to anyone looking to start their own business is, above all else, KNOW who you are and WHAT you want to create and WHY do you need it? Stay organised, painfully organized, and don’t give yourself credit that you will remember every detail, because you won’t. Surround yourself with the right team, people you work well with and respect and have the knowledge. Don’t assume for one moment that you can ‘do it yourself.’ Marketing, publicity and publicity or key elements not to be taken lightly in today’s world.”

“I hope to provide a safe, inviting and welcoming presence in New York City and work on many initiatives to improve the conditions of our pets who are not so fortunate. We will be offering special discounted rates to our seniors, service animals and social support at our team and our clientele,” he adds. “My proudest moment is finally seeing my team at their new home at 1432 Second Avenue and is so excited to be part of a new veterinary disruptor. They want to do their best and I want to help them do that. Most of our staff have already been trained and accredited with the Fear Free certification.”

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