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Exclusive: TV host Samantha Harris feels ‘fitter, vibrant and healthy’ as she approaches 50th birthday

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After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40, Samantha Harris I can not wait to the following decade of his life.

“I just turned 49 this year and I remember when my father died of colon cancer at 50. It seemed so far away, and now I realize how close it is for me. I’m almost 50, but I feel more in fit, vibrant and healthier than I’ve ever been. There are fewer and more dark days, especially right after my diagnosis and coming out of surgery where I really struggled,” the TV star, who collaborated with Susan G. Komen AND Yoga works drive their restorative fitness programwhich launched in January and is designed specifically for the breast cancer community by providing them with direct access to highly beneficial yoga activities and resources, she says exclusively Morning honey.

“I wanted to crawl into a deep, dark hole,” she continues. “I had to draw on some things that had never been in my arsenal before. I had to learn positive self-talk, which I actually taught myself, and now I teach other people as one of the many tools in the context of Your healthier healthierwhich is the book I came out with in 2018. Now, as a private coach and someone who hosts retreats, it’s really important for me to share insights into affirmations and positive self-talk.

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After being declared cancer-free, the dancing with the Stars alum, who shares daughters Hillary AND Josselyn with husband Michael Hessehe is on a mission to teach people on early diagnosis. “One in eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in her lifetime,” she notes. “Even though my father died of cancer and his mother was a breast cancer survivor who lived to be 95, I didn’t realize I had a genetic link and this is what prompted me to seek answers as a journalist and what prompted me to write my own book as well as go back to school to become a certified health coach.”

“I’ve learned that it’s what we put into our bodies that is affecting our overall well-being,” she adds. “I changed my makeup, my skincare, my personal care products, all to reduce the endocrine disruptors and carcinogens in those products. I also integrated more stress-relieving tools, like breath, meditation and yoga”.

Despite the ups and downs along the way, the mom of two is “embracing” this period of time “full marks”, as he is excited to take over the world. “I also know from everything I’ve learned through my research that it’s really in my control how I can go on living many more decades — and I intend to live many, many more decades!” she declares. “This is definitely my halfway point because I’ve changed the way I eat and have more energy.”

After beating cancer, Harris says she has “a lot more ability to embrace everything that comes my way and I want more experiences.”

“I also want more time with my family. I want to travel more. I want to get out into nature and spend time at the beach,” she says. “Making those memories is very important. Most importantly, we can have even better control of our own general health the more we know – and that’s what I love to share across social media and other outlets. I love being able to empower women to take even better control of their health.”

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Meanwhile, the entertainment journalist is thrilled to be working with Susan G. Komen and Yogaworks on their new fitness program, which will help others prioritize their health, well-being and mind-body connection. “It’s so special,” she shares. “When I was coming off my breast cancer surgeries — and I had three surgeries in 2014 — I was really at a loss about how to move my body safely. I had a double mastectomy and suffered a lot of trauma, so I had a lot of mobility difficulties when it came to moving my arms I didn’t know how to start moving and I’m a certified trainer.

“I thought if I was lost, so many people would have to be lost coming out of surgery,” he adds. “So partner with Susan G. Komen — I’ve been a national ambassador since my diagnosis — for this incredible program with YogaWorks. It’s twofold: One, it’s offering three months at no cost to the entire breast cancer community. In those first three months out of treatment or surgery it’s when we’re trying to reclaim our bodies and we’re struggling to find that range of motion and learn how to do it safely so we don’t do more damage during our recovery. The other thing is when we say the entire breast cancer community: those living with metastatic breast cancer, survivors, patients, those coming off surgery, etc. The offer also extends free of charge to healthcare professionals, family members and professionals who are an integral part of our breast cancer journey.”

Harris wishes he had a program like this and can’t wait for others to join in the fun. “People can now learn how to integrate mindfulness and disruption work into their lives. It’s something I’ve never done before cancer,” he says. “Activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety. Helps fight depression and lift our mood. It’s one of the biggest tools I use after cancer.”

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Upon completion of the quarterly program, Yoga works pink users can subscribe for $29.99 a month, with 25 percent of proceeds benefiting Susan G. Komenthe leading non-profit breast cancer organization that hopes to change and improve the lives of breast cancer survivors and those currently battling breast cancer.