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Exclusive: The Flie founder Laura Baldini has created a “luxury line of stadium-approved bags” that are both stylish and practical

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If ever been to a concert or a football match, then you know that clear bags will simplify the check-in process and you can find everything in a second. While you can order these types of bags online, Laura Baldinifounder of The flyshe knew she could make the accessory chic and something people would gravitate towards.

origin 1The fly

“My idea for The Flie came to me in 2017 when a security assistant at Gillette Stadium I poured the contents of my purse into a ziplock bag and they confiscated my purse on my way to a U2 concert. I had no idea what a “transparent baggage policy” was and I found out the hard way! After a little research, I found that there weren’t many options for high quality clear bags, so I decided to make my own! The idea of ​​a ‘concert clutch’ was born that night,” says the entrepreneur exclusively Morning honey of how it all began.

“Our bags are made with the highest quality materials including genuine leather and sturdy, weather resistant, transparent TPU. The hardware is my favorite part because we use both rose gold and yellow gold embossed logo eyelets that really pop against the leather. My goal was to make a luxury line of stadium-approved bags that were as stylish as they were practical,” she continues.

origin 1The fly

From a clutch to a larger bag, there’s something for everyone. “My favorite is ours Convertible Concert Clutch! It was my original idea and design, and the detachable chain makes it extremely versatile. You can use it as a clutch or turn it into a shoulder bag when you want to be hands-free!” she advises.

Baldini also notes that he’s been carrying the Tailgate Tote to “multiple Black Tie events.”

“It allows me to display the fun accessories inside my bag and makes it unique statement piece! I also use the ticket holder every day when running errands as it really fits everything you might need. Pro tip: All of our clear and “small” bags have different style straps and chains that are all interchangeable and work across our entire collection!” he says.

Clearly, Baldini is on to something and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

“We started with our original line of clear bags, then created a collection of ‘little’ leather bags that includes a phone strap, fanny pack and small clutch. We’ve had numerous art collaborations with ‘limited release’ drops and custom designs, which was really special to work on. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline and will continue to follow trends to find new ways to make our bags exciting to show off both in and out of stadiums!” he says of next steps for the company.

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If interested in grabbing a bag, readers can shop the entire collection at www.theflie.com or directly on Instagram. Morning honey Readers can use the code “HONEY” to get 25% off their first order!