EXCLUSIVE SURVEY – Opponents of the health pass fail to mobilize public opinion

Cafés, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, retirement homes, long-distance transport… The Constitutional Council delivers its verdict this Thursday on the extension of the health pass, the last stretch before the French have to show their feet when leaving Monday to have access to many places. For several weeks now, the anti-passes have been in the streets every Saturday, last weekend they were over 200. 12. However, the strengthening of the “small tool that can save lives” , as Emmanuel Macron presented during his speech on 12 July, is far from eliciting rejection.

According to an Elabe poll for ” Les Echos ”, Radio Classique and Institut Montaigne, alone 37% of French people approve of this mobilization against the health pass and its expansion, when they are 40% to oppose or even be there hostile. “Even if there are similarities between the opponents of the past and the” yellow vests “, overall, they do not benefit from the support of public opinion”, notes Bernard Sananès, the president of Elabe. The comparison made by the Polling Institute is obvious: in November 2018, 73% of the French approved the start of the “yellow vests” movement, and they were still 55% two months later.

“The anti-pass movement is clearly in the minority to date, but it is not marginal”, analyzes Bernard Sananès. According to him, “there is not today the feeling of a demonstration by proxy which had been felt at the time of the challenge of the“ yellow vests ”.”

Numerous reluctance Still, the question of freedoms raised by supporters of the mobilization against the health past – in which we find the youngest, the voters of the oppositions and the categories popular – should not be underestimated. There are overlaps between the profile of sympathizers and that of anti-vax: workers are more numerous than other socio-professional categories, just like young people and supporters of Marine Le Pen and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. For a majority of French people, present the famous sesame – i.e. complete proof of vaccination, a Covid test – 14 negative or a certificate of recovery – no problem in any location, although they are a little less inclined to take it out to go to a cafe or a restaurant (55%) than to travel (63%). Among those surveyed, 12% or 14% say they don’t intend to have a pass, wherever they go.

While the Head of State no longer closes the door to compulsory vaccination for all – “we will undoubtedly have to ask ourselves the question », He said on 12 last July – four French people on ten are currently opposed, according to Elabe’s investigation. Proof of the tensions that the subject arouses , while calls to strike have been launched among caregivers and firefighters . 40%, “this is more than the only figure for the unvaccinated”, points out Bernard Sananès . “Compulsory vaccination would therefore require a level of teaching, or even a constraint that is difficult to implement. If 73% of French people said they were in favor, Emmanuel Macron would be right to go. There, there are many reluctance ”, he deciphers.

Poll conducted on August 2 and 3 with a sample of 1. people (quota method).