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Exclusive: Ryan Cabrera & Jeff Timmons Dish on Their New ‘A Boy Band Christmas’ Tour: ‘So Special and Unique’

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After MY2K tours and other concerts have resulted back boy band like 98 Degrees and O-Town, it made perfect sense for the kids to join… Still.

This time, Jeff Timmons (98 degrees), Ryan Cabrera, Drew Lachey (98 degrees), Justin Jeffre (98 degrees), Erik-Michael Estrada (O-City) e Jamie Jones (All-4-One) – are going on their next holiday tour, A boy band Christmas.

origin 1courtesy of Day After Day Productions

“It’s nice to collaborate, and we all have this sort of brotherhood together, but we haven’t experienced that in a traveling aspect as far as holidays. We should have done a 98 degree tourbut Nick Lachey he couldn’t do it. We thought we’d had a great experience with Ryan in the past, so when we asked him, he graciously agreed and it just moved on,” Timmons, 49, exclusively tells. Morning honey.

“It’s so special and unique because everyone walks away happy. When I look at the crowd and see people smiling, it’s funny for me too. I try to find the people who are like, ‘My wife brought me here!’ I watch them directly until they start smiling and having fun. We didn’t do our job until they walk away saying, ‘It was more fun than I was expecting!’” adds Cabrera, 40. “Eventually, people get up from their seats and let loose with us.”

origin 1courtesy of Day After Day Productions

Although the two men enjoyed success in the 90s and 00s, they love that their fans are still loyal to this day. “He never gets old and never ceases to amaze you,” says Timmons. “After COVID-19, it’s nice to get into the holiday spirit and see people go out without masks. It’s all unique, and I think the rest of the guys have it same appreciation. It’s great to see and be a part of it.”

“It’s also fun to add a Christmas aspect, which creates a whole new element,” shares the “On the Way Down” singer. “You’re getting Christmas classics, but then you’re also getting ‘The Hardest Thing’, ‘I Do’, ‘On the Way Down’, etc. It’s a treat and that time period of music lives on forever.”

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In the past, one act has performed after another, but this tour changes that. “This is a little bit different because everyone tries it with different songs. I’ve never seen anything like this before,” says Cabrera. “Drew hops on ‘On the Way Down,’ and me, Jeff, and Erik-Michael perform ‘Last Christmas’ together.”

All of the boys’ songs hit the charts, but they just stand still excited to be relevant and making music for the fans these days. “If you wrote your best song and years later people keep talking about it…that means everything to me,” says Timmons. “I love that all these guys care so much about the fans and the experience.”

Cabrera says, “None of us take that for granted. With this ensemble, we’re lucky enough to know each other and be able to sing our songs.”

origin 1courtesy of Day After Day Productions

A boy band Christmas will feature holiday classics as well as a number of top tracks from their combined catalogues. For more information, click here.