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Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger inspires people through her music: ‘It’s uplifting and inspiring’

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It’s been a long time since then Nicole Scherzinger released some new tunesbut her fans are in for a real treat as she’s been busy working on her latest album.

“I try to live that and take care of myself. The best way I’m trying to do that is through my music, which I’m really excited about,” the 44-year-old, who collaborated with Hot toolstells exclusively Morning honey as she talks about how her songs affect people. “I think it’s the best way to hopefully empower others. The music I’m working on is really, really uplifting and empowering. I hope it speaks volumes and speaks for itself.”

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The Pussycat Dolls alum it doesn’t hold back when working on new songs. “It’s definitely cathartic,” she observes. “Music is my medicine, and I think if you’re not vulnerable enough, if you don’t dig deep enough, then you’re wasting your time. It has to be real and honest. I try to do it in a way where people can look at it and reflect on it. themselves.”

“I’ve evolved a lot since releasing the music and you can feel in the music that I’m now doing everything on my own terms,” she adds. “There are no other influences. I’m singing my truth, and it’s super authentic and raw and real. It’s all different facets of me. It’s almost like I’m making a couple of different albums, and I can’t wait to share it I think people will be surprised as I don’t think it will be what they expect – and they’ll learn a lot more about me and maybe learn more about themselves.”

The singer-songwriter can’t wait for her fans to stream the bops. “I was born singing. It’s a big part of who I am, so being able to share my story and get it out there is great. I love being on stage,” she enthuses.

Over the years, the brunette beauty has made a name for herself in the industry, but she admits it’s not always easy. “I try to constantly work on myself and improve myself,” she says. “Whether it’s prayer or meditation, I have a life coach. I always want it improve my mental health and feed my soul creatively.”

Now, the Hawaii native can express herself in other ways as well, from music to being a judge The Masked Singer to acting. “I feel really blessed,” she says of her career. “It’s another way to connect with people and show a different side of myself. Before I went on TV, people only knew me because of my music or my shows, but then when I starred in The Masked Singer, they’ve seen something new. They’ve been able to connect with me in a different way and see my sense of humor and my geeky side. It’s nice to be able to share all the different facets of yourself on all the different platforms.” .

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Moving forward, the the artist would like to embark on a world tour and writing his own musical, as well as doing a Broadway show. “There’s a lot of stuff in the works!” she teases.

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