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Exclusive: Lisa Ann Walter ‘So Thankful’ To Be Cast On ABC’s Hit Show ‘Abbott Elementary’: ‘It’s Bigger Than We Realized’

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Lisa Anna Walter she is living her best life, as she currently stars on the hit ABC show Abbott Elementary.

The series, about a group of dedicated and passionate teachers at a private school in Philadelphia, has taken off since it premiered in 2021, compiling a number of press along the way.

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“It’s a phenomenal show. It is Fifth Brunson‘s child. She is brilliant. The writers and executive producers put together a timely show that talks about important things, but not in a didactic way. I’m super proud of it. There were years in between, but I never stopped working,” the 59-year-old, who he collaborated with Fiber One to introduce the new “Fall Off Forgivenessprogram, an insurance policy that helps New Year’s fixers get back on track, even if they’ve hit a bump (or two) along the way, exclusively tells Morning honey.

“I created a dance show and wrote a book called The best thing about my ass is that it’s behind me. I’m working on stuff now, but people happen to remember me now Abbott Elementary,” THE adds the actress.

From the Golden Globes to the SAG Awards, comedy is on everyone’s radar.

“It’s incredibly meaningful all the awards and understanding that this ensemble works together — it’s chemistry. There’s no reason the show works so well except that we’ve hired the right people,” says Walter, who plays the second grade teacher Melissa Schementi. “It’s just magical, and I couldn’t be more grateful. From the moment I read the script, I thought, ‘This thing is going to be a hit.’ After shooting the pilot, I thought, ‘It’s going to be a hit.’ But I said to Quinta, if only teachers watch it, then it’s a hit, but generations happen to watch together — and it’s even bigger than than we initially imagined. it feels wonderful.”

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Meanwhile the Parent trap alum is excited to talk about it how to stay healthy with Fiber One and their “Fall Off Forgiveness” program. “I’ve always thought it was tasty, but I really liked the concept. I love the idea of ​​what they’re saying with it, and it spoke to me about being someone who’s a sugar aficionado. As an Italian girl, I grew up cooking and loving food. There was also always this idea that you had to be a certain body type, and I spent a lot of my career in Hollywood pushing that away.”

“There is no magic number. When we strive for perfection, you are guaranteed to fail because there is none such a thing as perfect“, he insists. “I really answered a Fiber One‘S’Fall Off Forgivenessplan because at the beginning of the year or on your birthday, people will try a healthier lifestyle, and so you’re lucky if you make it in January. Three out of four Americans say they will fall out of their health and wellness resolutions at some point in the year, stopping by March. Fiber One’s program is an “insurance policy” lottery to help fixers get back on track while still enjoying treats, without fear of a setback.”

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This year, Walter says his resolution is to “stop looking at the scale.”

“When we obsess over it, it gets unhealthy. Since I’m always on the go, snacking on Fiber One is great. I’m not a diet culture girl, although I grew up doing it. There isn’t a diet I haven’t tried.” , but I’m happily escaping that world. This concept was something that spoke to me because it’s doable and relatable — and it says all things in moderation. Enjoy your life!”

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Starting March 6 through April 3, those who have missed their goals and resolutions can “submit a claim” for a chance to win a year’s supply of free Fiber One products!

To participate in Fall Off Forgiveness, solvers are welcome to visit FallOffForgiveness.com.