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Exclusive: Lilliana Vazquez believes it’s important to make “a gift list along with a budget and stick to it” when shopping this holiday season

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The holiday season is always busy, but Lilliana Vazquez she has a few tricks on her sleeve to help others so they won’t stress out when shopping for gifts for their significant other, family and loved ones.

“My top tip when shopping this season is to make a gift list (along with a budget) and stick to it. Try not to deviate from it so you don’t overspend. Those 11th hour gift sprees last minute can add up! I’ve also started buying the same thing for more people on my gift list. It makes it easier to stick to your budget and can sometimes even help you earn free shipping,” the TV host, who collaborated with American Express/the Blue card for every daytells exclusively Morning honey. “It also saves you the headache of trying to come up with so many different gifts during an already stressful time of year!”

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She continues, “I love greeting cards too, but they can be expensive. This year, go the DIY route and get the whole family to help you create a personal greeting card. You can also add a very special touch by making so that your little ones/kids decorate plain white envelopes!”

Although the style maven has a busy schedule, she prefers to do it shop online to save time.

“I can comparison shop for all the gifts on my list with just a few clicks. I can also avoid the long lines at the stores and instead spend that extra saved time with my loved ones! same fabulous gift for a few people on your list can save you so much time and energy!” she says. “I always prefer to give things that leave a lasting impression… which means the recipient will think of you every time they use it. A nice cookbook, journal or a luxury candle paired with a wick cutter are a few things to do!”

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This year, the brunette beauty is looking for forward to pass the time with his son, Santiago, who is 16 months old, at this very merry time of year. “We’re just getting started with family traditions, but one thing I’m stealing from my childhood is using one-color wrapping paper for each person in my family to make opening presents a breeze!” she states she. “Opening presents is half the fun for him now, so I can’t wait to see my son’s face light up as he unwraps his presents this year. Santiago loves books, so we’re adding some fun new interactive titles to his library along with anything Cocomelon and Sesame street! He also just found out that helping mom cook is a lot of fun, so we got him a play kitchen!”

“Family is extremely important to me and the holidays are such a special time to build memories and strengthen our bond, but it can get so busy with work and events, so we’re carving out dedicated evenings just for our little familyhe enthuses.

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Because Vazquez is a lifestyle guru, his partnership with American Express to offer her suggestions to help consumers navigate their way around planning parties, gifts, shopping, and more made perfect sense. “I’m teaming up with American Express to talk about the Blue card for every day because it really is my favorite card this holiday season! Make holiday shopping easier with 3% cashback on US online retail purchases, US supermarkets and US gas stations up to $18,000 per year ($6,000 per year in purchases in each category) with the 1% cashback on all other purchases” she shares.

She adds, “And since I’m doing a significant amount of online shopping and I’m sure many others are as well, I should also point out that eligible new members of the Blue Cash Everyday card will be able to earn 20% cash back when they checkout with PayPal, up to $150, in the first six months. Plus, they can earn $100 after spending $2,000 in the first six months. As a busy mom who also loves to shop, I simply add it to my digital wallet, making it super easy to earn money every time I use it.”