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Exclusive: Influencer Tinx wants to ‘try everything’, feels ‘so lucky’ her career has taken off

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While it may seem like influencers are everywhere, Tinx (real name: Christina Najjar), feels lucky to be doing what he loves.

The star, who started posting on TikTok during the pandemic, frequently gives her followers advice on relationships and mental health, which has earned her 1.5 million TikTok followers and half a million Instagram followers, something she’s to he’s still getting used to it.

“It’s very beautiful. I feel so lucky. At the heart of it all is my relationship with my followers – they are the most amazing people,” the 32-year-old says exclusively Morning honey while promoting the national launch of its limited edition premium dressing – TABASCO® Brand x TINX Avocado Jalapeño Hot Saucewhich came out on February 1st. “So many of my followers have been with me since the beginning. The best part is that they are growing with me and I would be nowhere without them. Everything I do is for them.”

Now that the Washington, DC native has her own radio show, It’s Me, Tinx on SiriusXM, it can help people in real time. “People call and ask for advice. Every time I go into the studio, I put my headphones on and I’m like, ‘Let’s take calls!’ I always say it’s a pinch me moment because it’s the best feeling in the world, and it’s all thanks to them.”

Before Tinx got big, he had all different kinds of jobs. “I always tell people I was almost 30 when I found my passion and made my first video,” he says. “I had no idea what I wanted to do. I’ve had amazing experiences, but nothing has been as effective as creating content.”

“I always say it can be overwhelming when people say, ‘Find your passion!’ Instead I say, follow your curiosity. This has helped me in my life when I was feeling lost,” she notes.

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One of Tinx’s favorite parts of the job is meeting his followers in real life, especially when he organizes “Rich Mom Walks” in different cities. “I can talk to them about different things, and it’s the best time,” she says. “People always say, ‘I feel like I know you,’ but I feel like I know my followers too because we spend so much time talking together on all the different platforms.”

However, there are challenging parts like dealing with trolls, but the brunette beauty tries to keep a positive attitude. “It’s corny, but I always think, ‘Love always wins,'” she says of her perspective. “I also try to be present in real life and go for a walk or play with my cat.”

Tinx, who has dubbed herself “TikTok’s big sister,” ultimately tries to be “the person I needed when I was younger,” she shares. “In my 20s, I didn’t see many influencers vulnerable to life’s ups and downs. I’m a person myself.”

Fortunately, he never tires of handing out his two cents. “I’m lucky to have an amazing therapist that I talk to every week, so that’s where I unwind,” she jokes. “Sometimes it’s funny because there’s going to be a mismatch in moods when I’m on the radio show. I’m like, ‘What’s up, guys?’ And then someone calls with a serious problem.I like that the show is a blend of everything – it could be about a boy or where to throw my birthday party”.

As for what the future holds, it seems like Tinx has a lot up his sleeve. “I have a lot interesting stuff comingshe notes. “I think I want to try everything, and I think I’m focusing on the podcast and the radio show right now. I want to make it better, which I am very open about with my followers. There are so many great ways to connect with people in person, the written word, etc., so fingers crossed for more opportunities.”

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“You have to stick with what feels right to you,” she continues. “And for me, it’s always about creating the content I want to see. I hope I leave people in a better mood than when they started. I’m just like, ‘I did someone’s day is better today?’ If the answer is yes, then I’m doing a good job.”

Something Tinx will never forget is collaborating with Tabasco for the national launch of its limited edition premium dressing – TABASCO® Brand x TINX Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce — as it has always been her favorite hot sauce. “I loved salsa verde and I love salad too. I was experimenting with using a hot sauce as a base, so I started joking on social media that we should normalize hot sauce as a dressing,” he says. “I am beyond humbled to have been able to co-create with Tabasco. They have been creating hot sauces for 154 years and they are legendary.”

“Tabasco thought it was a nice idea, and was like, ‘Let’s give it a try.’ I was actually able to go to Louisiana to Avery Island which is where their headquarters is. Met members of the Tabasco family. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”

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Tinx’s full “Hot Girl Salad” recipe can be found below.


Serves 1

2 cups of mixed greens

1/3 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

½ radish, thinly sliced

1 green onion, sliced

½ ripe avocado, pitted and sliced

3-4 cooked shrimp, without shells

TABASCO® Brand x TINX Avocado Jalapeño Hot Sauce


Combine the mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, radish, green onion, avocado and shrimp in a large bowl.

In the bowl, hold two knives at an angle to cut the salad into small pieces, just like at your favorite restaurant.

Pour desired amount of TABASCO® Brand x TINX Spicy Avocado Jalapeño Salsa Dressing over your salad to get the right flavor and spice.

Place a cutting board or plate over the bowl and shake vigorously to make sure each piece of salad is coated.