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Exclusive: Elizée founder, CEO and creative director Erika Carrero is “pushing the envelope” when it comes to developing a comfortable heel for women

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In the years, Erika Carrero immediately realized that there was a gap in the luxury shoe market for style and comfort, which is why he continued to found Elisha in 2019, and in July 2021, he developed a collection of revolutionary high heels, made in one of the best Italian luxury factories. The San Francisco-based luxury shoe company is changing the high-heel game forever, and it’s thanks to the businesswoman’s incredible brainchild.

Instead of feeling uncomfortable all night, Carrero, who is an accomplished Silicon Valley executive in operational finance, designed a unique insole that eases the pain of wearing high-heeled shoes while still looking chic and sexy.

“In order to deliver a truly revolutionary balance of alluring design and ultimate comfort, we really pushed the envelope using innovative comfort technology and for our insole we introduced cutting-edge materials developed for the aerospace industry because they provide the most effective shock absorption and reactive and long-lasting memory cushion”, explains Carrero exclusively Morning honey. “We combined this Silicon Valley-style innovation with the luxury craftsmanship of our Italian artisans to develop an insole that provides all-day comfort yet maintains the elegant look of a luxury shoe. The result is a comfort-oriented collection with women’s well-being at the forefront, which truly elevates beautiful design.”

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“Elizée was born out of a huge gap in the market: there simply weren’t any shoes out there that could make a woman look as gorgeous as she wanted to feel and keep her truly comfortable on her feet all day during a busy day of board meetings, running through a busy airport, or walking several blocks to dinner and then going out dancing,” she notes. they make both feel good inside and out, and we never compromise on comfort. It’s difficult to balance aesthetics and comfort: in other brands, one is always sacrificed a little to get the other. But for Elizée, we refused to compromise on comfort or style.”

As a result, Elizée was born, and the fashion guru is still pinching himself how far it has come.

“It’s just the most rewarding feeling. It’s always been amazing to me how quickly a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes can change the way I feel, how I hold myself, and even how I act,” she shares. “I’m sure every woman knows exactly what she means: when we hear that elusive combination of comfortable, confident and sexy, we are instantly empowered to take on any challenge. Elisha it has that sensation at the heart of our design philosophy.”

She adds: “A great example of this was when I met a woman who hadn’t worn heels in over 10 years, mainly because she thought her ankles were too loose and the shoes felt unstable on her. She came into our showroom and tried on a style designed with ankle straps, just because we wanted to make sure it fit every woman’s beautiful legs. She tried on the shoes and started dancing and jumping in her heels. She hugged me and thanked me for helping her feel like new sexy and beautiful. One of my favorite stories to date.”

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Carrero feels like the right person to take on this job, as he has “a deeply personal understanding of what they want to feel when they put on a shoe,” he says. “Fashion was created for women, but run primarily by men, so I’m honored to be in a position where I can shake up the industry from both an innovation and gender inequality/inclusion perspective. We need more women leaders and entrepreneurs across industries and nurturing women’s success.In pursuing my passion, I took some risks when starting Elizée, transitioned from a career in technology, started the company without outside funding or a co-founder, and it has been incredibly rewarding. Given my previous experiences managing start-up technology, it has always been a dream to have my own company, it requires passion and determination and sacrifices, but it is worth it.”

Despite the ups and downs — Carrero says it’s hard to wear multiple hats and work with different people around the world when everyone is in a different time zone — he elaborated enjoys the creative process.

“I love starting a new concept with my team in Italy, going to the factory, visiting the heel and leather suppliers and choosing the components for the next collection. The brainstorming phase to put ideas together and make sketches that work their way into the later than shoe prototyping, all typically take place in Milan, so my design trips also include a day visit to this amazing city. My favorite activity in the city remains people-watching: the Milanese are so bold, creative and extraordinary with fashion and their glam outfits are an endless source of inspiration,” she notes.

Going forward, Carrero is hoping for the brand it keeps getting bigger – and even better.

“I would like to have achieved significant brand recognition by differentiating ourselves in a very competitive market with our unique product offerings and responding to customer requests,” he says. “In addition, I would like to have solid revenue growth by continuing our direct-to-consumer model balanced with wholesale and retail at affordable luxury pricing and expand international geographic reach.”

“I anticipate that we will hire a partner/investor who can support our expansion into new markets,” he adds.

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Ultimately, Carrero wants to stay true to the brand’s key message: designing elegant, comfortable and handmade women’s footwear, footwear that inspires confidence through comfort and beauty.

“Elizée and her mission are deeply personal to me because I wanted to meet the needs of the modern woman. Our lives as women have evolved and are now very dynamic: with work, travel, children, family and friends, so we need shoes that look good but are also comfortable. For me, the brand is not just about selling shoes, Elizée is a platform for women to feel sexy, confident, and comfortable all at once because confidence comes naturally when you feel your best. We use our social media to bring empowering messages to women and promote causes we believe in (breast cancer awareness month, giving back to the community),” she says.

“It’s a privilege to be a female founder and CEO of fashion,” she concludes. “In a world where women still have to fight hard to access opportunities, we must work to cultivate our successes. We must stand up for ourselves, whether that means talking to your boss about your next promotion or asking for more challenging opportunities at work or speaking in a meeting to a room full of people. It can be intimidating — and it takes courage — but in my experience that power comes from within in believing in yourself.”