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Exclusive: Chef Alton Brown explains why brain-balanced meals are important for kickstarting the day

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Chef Alton Brown he’s a big fan of making sure his meals make him feel good and help him throughout the day.

“I eat fish almost every day, in as well as storing oats in my refrigerator,” the 60-year-old recounts exclusively Morning honey while talking about his collaboration with With the dark, which works to help fuel six indicators of brain health: memory, focus, learning, accuracy, focus and reasoning. “If you keep it in the fridge, it relieves stress. Making sure it’s in the house really helps—you have to prepare to not fail. We also have leafy greens and make sure we have broccoli or kale. There will always be something dark and green in the fridge.” .”

“There’s also packaged fish, like smoked trout, that you can add. My wife and I are big fans of sardines and anchovies, so we always have that, plus legumes. There’s nothing wrong with canned chickpeas because we like to make hummus. We make sure our pantry is organized in such a way that we never run out of things. And remember: it doesn’t hurt to prepare things taste good!”

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THEIron cook star admits he can “fall off his horse just like anyone else,” but if he’s wrong, he’s got these tools to guide him.

Growing up, the TV personality didn’t think it was necessary for sleep. “But there’s a lot of work you don’t know is being done in your brain,” she shares. “There’s a direct relationship between the brain and the gut, which is shocking. We really are a village and we have to take care of everything!”

“Early in the day, I try to get as much of the good stuff as possible because I know I need it. I like to load up first so at least I know I have the good stuff. If you fill up on the bad stuff, it’s hard to bounce back. handy checklist, which is really helpful.”

After learning more about how the brain works better with more sleep and certain foods, Brown admits he has a “ton of energy and feels more relaxed.”

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Brown is also passionate about getting the word out With the dark. “I started researching about four years ago and realized that I’d done a good amount of nutritional research on what’s good for the human body and what keeps your heart working, but I hadn’t spent much time researching the function of the brain”.

“I started thinking, ‘Well, I make a living, so maybe me should treat it a bit a little better,” he adds. “I started building nutrition plans, and strangely it aligned with what was best for the human body as a machine. It finally led me to Neuriva and their product. The collaboration made sense.”

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While Brown wasn’t a fan of supplements, his wife had some health issues a few years ago and “they became the answer.”

“I’ve begun to accept that there are ingredients that are just hard to get,” he states.