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Exclusive: Carve Designs co-founder Jennifer Hinton believes the brand ‘has something for everyone – all women’s bodies are different’

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Co-founder of Carve designs Jennifer Hinton she knows her brand stands out from the competition, something she is proud of.

“Carve Designs was born from the need to adapt to women’s bodies while navigate and be active. We are different because we focus on fit at the same time as investigating how it might feel in our clothes. All women’s bodies are different and this is important to us. There’s something for all tastes!” says the entrepreneur exclusively Morning honey.

One of the many reasons Hinton wanted to create Carve Designs was that he thought there was “a lack of swimming and surfwear suitable for athletic women”.

As a result, Hinton e Thayer SylvesteThe idea of ​​r came to fruition when they were in Mexico. As they relaxed, they talked about how hard it was to find board shorts that looked good.

From there, the company was born, selling bikinis, swimsuits and rash guards for women who want to look good while being active in the water.

“The Elba top is my favorite because it can be worn as a swimsuit and a bra. The Dylan Gauze tunic because it can be worn as a cover-up or shirt, open or closed, as well as for sun protection among other things! Also, the The entire collection of our new compression swimsuit is a dream!” she watches.

Though there are ups and downs along the way, Hinton wouldn’t trade his job for anything. “The best part is working with so many amazing, smart people and watching the business evolve. Most of it aging is challenging changes in our world today, whether it’s financial, climate-related or a pandemic,” Hinton says of running the company, adding that she hopes to see “a lot of growth” over the next 5 to 10 years, as well as becoming a household name. family.

“Being a woman in business is great. We rewrite the narrative,” she says, noting that Carve Design’s mission is “to share our passion for life and inspire people to feel good, have fun, and find their own adventure.”

“Our purpose in life is really to experience joy. We believe that every person can get it easily, effortless clothing and swim. We use soft, eco-friendly fabrics that allow the wearer to feel good about their choices for their body and conscience. We work very hard on our fits and styles. They stand the test of time. So when you dress right and it’s easy, you have joy in everything you do,” she adds.

Ultimately, Hinton is “so proud of what we’ve built, as it is clothing that feels good. I am so proud that we have created a fun, safe and supportive work environment for all of our employees to be the best version of themselves.”

As for the future, “Compression swimming is our next release and we’re beyond excited. It’s sexy and athletic—what could be better?”

Hinton also would like Carve Designs to “go more sustainable and circular with our clothing and create a fit and style guide for women to feel good and excited about choosing swimming for themselves.”