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Exclusive: Brooke Burke feeling ‘better than ever’ at 50: ‘I want to make the most of it’

origin 1Courtesy of Brooke Burke Body’s Longevity.

Age is just a number, second Brooke Burke. The star is 51, which is why she’s making every moment count.

“I feel better than ever! I wonder if it’s having community from Brooke Burke Body or if it’s because my kids are finally coming into themselves. It’s my moment right now, which is something I’ve never had — and my new relationship with Scott Rigby it sure helps. It could also be because I’m doing something I love doing in the wellness space, I’m in a beautiful relationship, my kids are healthy, and my entire business has changed,” the host exclusively says Morning honey while discussing the launch of Longevity: A nutrient-dense, plant-based superfood that is free from wheat, gluten and dairy.

“I’m finding purpose and living mindfully and finding ways to feel fine with myself‘, he adds. “As you enter this decade, you better have something that matters in your life.”

Over the years, the brunette beauty has gone from TV host to creator Brooke Burke’s body – “a digital fitness journey to transform your body, one bite-sized burn at a time!” — and she couldn’t be happier that people are taking the time to prioritize their health and well-being.

“I’m really obsessed with encouraging women to dream a little, to make the most of their lives, not to settle and to be grateful,” she explains. “I have a blessed life, but I want to make the most of it. I’m fifty now and I think this decade is really exciting, but some women fear it. I give people so many possibilities on the app and then you have to make choices. I think all of this change in this world has taught us to be more mindful right now. How do we take care of ourselves? Who is in our life? Who is worthy? It’s a really important moment.”

origin 1Courtesy of Brooke Burke Body’s Longevity.

The mom of four is thrilled that people are moving away from talking about weight and numbers and, instead, honoring every body type. “We’re learning to celebrate all people,” she says. “It’s not just the women. I love it. I don’t think there’s a specific role model anymore. It’s just about energy and self-confidence and individuality. I feel like let’s all celebrate right now, and I really love it. Now we choose our words more carefully and are more thoughtful.”

Meanwhile, Burke is closing out the year on a high by releasing the next evolution of Brooke Burke Body with the launch of Longevity. “This is the first collaboration I’ve done with Brooke Burke Body, so I’m really passionate about this. I really believe in this product. I went to the lab and flew to the factory — I didn’t just sign my name on something. I’m the person who lined up all these fabulous ingredients to make my morning smoothies.It’s not a protein powder, it’s a superfood blend, but it has everything you need for energy, like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, gut properties, everything for focus, energy and recovery,” he explains. “You mix it in a power, you can bake with it. I make a smoothie every morning and put two scoops of cocoa in it. It was fun to share something to simplify well-being.”

origin 1Courtesy of Brooke Burke Body’s Longevity.

“We’re also giving away a free subscription to Brooke Burke Body, which is awesome. We want people to give away health and wellness. I love this product – it tastes amazing. This holiday season, we’re also making a pumpkin spice smoothie. Let’s add nutmeg, cinnamon and other flavors,” he adds.

These days, Burke is thriving and loving every second of his job, and he can’t wait what the future holds. “I love being in this space,” she declares. “I love encouraging other women, I love doing transformational work, I love in person experiences as much as I love digital. It has really given me the opportunity to connect with everyone and now I feel like I have a better understanding of my body in my 50s compared to when I was younger. I train differently – I train smarter and get better results.”

“I’m really passionate about having these life-changing experiences,” she adds. “I can show people how to work out all the time. I want to show women how to feel good, I want to show women you can regain your confidence.”

origin 1Courtesy of Brooke Burke Body’s Longevity.

Consumers can find simple, easy-to-follow custom recipes on and through Longevity’s e Tick ​​tock channels, as well as on BrookeBurke.com and the Brooke Burke Body Fitness App.

Longevity is now available direct to the consumer at www.longevitybybrookeburkebody.com with prices ranging from $39.95 to $57.95 with subscription options available.