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Exclusive: Best-selling poet Rupi Kaur wants to ‘produce more and create spectacle’ Moving forward: ‘I feel so grateful’

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Although Rupi Kaur she’s had some amazing poetry published, she’s still in shock at how far away she is enter his career.

“I feel like it’s been the biggest blessing of my life, and I feel so appreciative and grateful. When I’m at shows, people start going, ‘Oh my gosh, you probably feel this all the time,’ and they’re ‘I’m going to do this amazing compliment. I always tell them it never gets old. It’s always like, ‘Have you read my work?'” the 30-year-old, who collaborated with the director Nisha Ganna in collaboration with Hi sunshine tell stories through the lens of the previous three Stacy’s Rise Project winners in the film Climbwhich will premiere at Sundance on January 20, he tells exclusively Morning honey.

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“You can get social media likes and followers, but to me, they’re just pixels on a screen,” she adds. “It doesn’t feel real until you look into someone’s eyes and connecting with them. It’s the greatest gift to share and connect with people.”

Born in India, the brunette beauty then moved to Canada and started reciting poetry in 2009. She eventually shot to fame via Instagram, something she has yet to wrap her head around.

“It’s surreal. It’s crazy. I don’t think my brain has gotten used to the concept that this it’s my reality now“, he says. “I don’t know if I’ll ever fully process it. I’ve been performing for 14 years, but he’s much older than me, which is why I think it’s hard to process. Now I’m in a place where I can be present and still.”

After the success of Milk and honey, The sun and its flowers AND Homelyit’s called the new writer’s project Heal through words. “It was easier to write and more organic. I never set out to write a book like this,” she insists. “My first three books are collections of poetry, and this book is more of a self-help book, a workbook, a journal. It spans so many different genres.”

After hosting sessions via Instagram during the pandemic, she wanted to keep giving more to her readers. “Heal through words was the response,” she explains. “It was really organic and easy to write. I would be in the shower and suddenly a I would get the idea and jump out and write it down.”

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In addition to Kaur’s new book, he is excited to work on this film Stacy’s pita chips created in collaboration with Hello Sunshine. “This type of project is new to me. I don’t often write and narrate poems for film,” she observes. “After talking to Nisha, we felt aligned. She spoke a lot about the word roots and when she spoke to the three women in this short film, they were doing amazing things in their lives and were at a good point in their careers.”

“It was so relatable for me because I explore my roots so much in my work. I often write about ancestors and explore the women who came before me,” she says. “When I saw the movie, I felt like women he taught me so much while I was writing the poem, which was really cool.”

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Kaur is now even more optimistic about what the future holds. “I’d love to do more projects like this,” she shares. “Writing can be a very lonely experience and therefore collaborating with different directors and people industries is always fun. I am also working more in producing and creating shows and movies myself. Over the last year, I’ve been working on this and moving forward, I’ll always be writing poetry, but I’m excited to branch out beyond that and explore other nonfiction essays and go where the world takes me.”