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Exclusive: Beatrice Purdy’s company Measure & Made is all about making women ‘feel safe’ with their inclusive clothing

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Beatrice Purdi‘S idea for Measure and Done it came after being frustrated when shopping for clothes, especially trousers.

“If you’ve ever tried on 35 pairs of pants or jeans that don’t fit you, you start to feel bad about yourself. You know ‘dressing room trauma’ is no joke. The womenswear sizing system is broken! It was created in the 1950s by the Department of Weights and Measures by people who didn’t wear women’s clothing and rooted in the fantasy of an hourglass figure. Something had to change,” says Purdy exclusively Morning honey.

origin 1Measure and Done

As a result, the entrepreneur was on a mission to make women feel included no matter what. “Women come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn’t their clothes? I personally hated the feeling of being excited to try something new but then not having it fit (for a variety of reasons), but blame myself instead of the producer,” he reveals. ​“A light bulb went out and I knew it wasn’t right. Since I started this journey, many women have said yes to me shared the same experience.”

She adds, “Measure & Made’s mission is to give every woman the confidence she deserves by celebrating her natural beauty, talent and personal power. A woman’s true measure has nothing to do with the size of her clothes. It’s about her confidence, authenticity, and the comfort she feels with herself and her body women to hug their natural shape without having to compromise on fit, comfort or style.”

After spending 14 years in a retail environment, Purdy always knew she would do something to “help women and inspire confidence.”

“During that journey, I encountered an emerging sizing technology that takes into account a woman’s size and shape to deliver a personalized fit, known today as ShapeLogicTM and the vision for what brand of clothing it could and should materialize quickly,” he says.

origin 1Measure and Done

Now, Purdy is excited to shake up the industry, in the best way possible.

“Essentially, we’re really doing something no brand has ever done actually designing clothes for a particular shape. All other brands have simply put a Band-Aid on the matter under the guise of assisting with fit through size expansion or brand suggestion software, but not yet designing for YOUR fit. It is our job to tailor the clothes to your body; it’s not your job to fit your body into the clothes and other brands don’t realize this. We offer sizes from 0 to 28 for three shapes plus multiple inseams resulting in over 100 fit combinations depending on style. That’s three times the industry standard! Our customers only need to take a 60-second quiz to find their unique ShapeLogic number and their shopping experience becomes tailored to them,” she explains.

“My favorite products continue to evolve as our assortment grows. Before it was ours Trouserswhich always makes me feel elegant and sophisticated, then ours Joggerwhich is both sporty and cheeky, and is now our newest Super skinny jeans, curve-hugging, flirty, and fun!” she notes of the apparel. “We definitely want to expand into categories beyond bottoms that perform high due to poor fit, and we have several items in the works that we hope to deliver next fall. I also want to introduce and expand the Shop by Shape feature on our site, which will help validate our assortment and make it easier for customers to shop.”

In the next 5-10 years, Purdy wants it keep growing.

“Expansion of products, purpose and people. I too intend to grow and evolve to support the company and help it thrive,” he shares.

“We want to start a global Shape movement and nurture our growing community of independent brand ambassadors called Shapesetters, as well as our loyal customers! Our initial focus was on our product and showcasing how our proprietary ShapeLogic™ technology works. Conducted research Over 15 years with thousands of women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities have found that 9 out of 10 women fit 1 of three body shapes (Shape 1 — Straight, Shape 2 — Hourglass, Shape 3 — Curvy). (our return rate is less than half the industry average), we continue to focus on empowering women through the confidence of our clothes and through entrepreneurship,” she continues.

origin 1Measure and Done

Looking back, Purdy is “extremely proud” of all the hard work she has put in Measure and Done. “It has been an interesting road managing COVID and now seeing the fruits of our labor take hold. We have been both nimble and purposeful, qualities that are important for any start-up. Speed, efficiency and good old-fashioned grit have helped us continue to overcome barriers and become a brand revolutionary,” he says.

She concludes: “I hope to inspire others through my unwavering dedication, daily action and reflection to achieve something for the greater good. I cannot build the Movement of Forms on my own, but I can stay true to my word and my purpose and together with the Measure & Made community, spread hope one pair of pants at a time.”