Skin Blemishes

Everything You Wonder About Skin Blemishes

With the coming of autumn, it is time to purify the skin. With the introduction of the mask into our lives, the problem of “mask” was added to the problems such as large pores and oil or acne that occur in the summer. But is it possible to deal with all these skin blemishes?

Dr. Anthony Youn answered those who were curious about skin spots …

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Dr. Anthony Youn

When it comes to skin spots, summer and sun factors come to mind. So, what measures should we take to avoid skin blemishes in autumn and winter?

There are many factors that cause hyperpigmentation, namely skin spots, due to the excessive synthesis of the melanin pigment that gives our skin its color.

Of course, the most important of these are the harmful rays of the sun, UV damage such as tanning beds, recurrent skin traumas with unconscious epilation applications, use of cosmetics, hormones and drugs, blue light damage, which is emitted by tablets, mobile phones, etc. ..

The only damage caused by all these factors is not the inequalities and blemishes on the skin; By accelerating the aging process (inflammaging) due to inflammation, they cause the destruction of the basic structure that keeps the subcutaneous support tissue such as collagen and elastin intact.

 Inflammaging causes discoloration (skin tone inequality) and spots, looseness and sagging of the skin due to loss of tone and elasticity, large pores, fine and deep lines. In addition, aging causes oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals to age at the mitochondrial (energy-producing structure) level of the cell.

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In the summer, our pores on the skin are enlarged. What is the reason of this? How can we destroy this view?

Unconscious cosmetics used, wrong skin care applications cause sebum imbalances on the skin, blackheads, acne and large pores. In addition, repetitive UV damage, irregular nutrition, smoking, loss of proteins such as collagen – elastin in the tissue that provide elasticity to the skin due to free radical damage also cause both large pores and sagging on the skin.

How should be approach to skin spots?

One of the important points to be considered, especially during the summer return, is the awareness that unconscious skin and spot care and laser applications can cause serious damage to skin health in centers where there are no health professionals.

With the effect of summer sun damage, melanocyte pigmentation increases the skin, the skin becomes sensitive, the cells lose fluid and collagen. In addition, oily skin, clogging and black spots in the pores, and periodic acne may develop.

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Dr. Anthony Youn

To purify the skin from dead cells with dermabrasion medical skin care and detox-effective exquisite peels, to regulate clogged pores and circulation, allowing it to breathe; It is the basic clinical approach to strengthen the skin barrier by injecting hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins and minerals required for the vitality of the cells under the skin with the application we call mesotherapy, thus solving the problems such as dryness, wrinkles, sagging and stains that may develop due to sun damage, and to restore the skin to a healthy glow.

Since skin damage and aging develop not only on our face, but also on the neck, décolleté and on the hand, we can apply the treatment protocols simultaneously to these areas.

How are skin spots treated?

The V-Carbon system, which includes black ginger, mandelic, and ferulic acid, is among the current clinical applications of spot-removing and detoxifying skin (removing blackheads, large pore-oil buttons) and peeling with laser that can be applied simultaneously.

Of course, containing hyaluronic acid and minerals that increase the moisture holding capacity lost by the skin; With polynucleotides and antioxidants, it solves problems such as fine wrinkles, skin sagging, large pores, as well as strengthens the skin’s barrier by providing oil balance with GINGER, applying special mesococtails for 15-day periods in the return of summer, a very effective approach to preparing the skin for winter conditions.

The basis of success in aesthetic applications; to restore the basic health of the skin first.

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Masks are now a part of our lives. How can we deal with acne, ie “maskne” caused by a mask? What are the stages of maskne treatment?

A new term that emerged during the pandemic process is acne, irritation-related redness and sensitivity on the skin due to the use of a mask.

They are openings that contain pores, sebaceous glands and hair follicles in our skin, provide the heat and oxygen balance to expel sweat, oil and toxins from our skin, and protect the skin against bacteria and viral infections. 

 Environmental pollution, sweat, cosmetics, especially in the nose, cheeks and chin area, cause the pores in this area to become blocked and the sebum balance of the skin to deteriorate, and acne, atopic dermatitis, sensitivity, redness and allergies may develop.

The structure of the mask used, not being irritating material, changing it frequently, keeping the skin underneath clean, avoiding the use of cosmetics that block the pores and moisturizing it with water-based additive-free products are important.

When signs of infection, redness, temperature increase and acne on the skin develop, it is necessary to apply the treatment recommended by the physician.