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Everything was flooded by the smoke from this year’s forest fires

Canadian forest fires accounted for 27 percent of this year’s global carbon dioxide emissions, with smoke reaching as far as Europe. Active forest fires are still ravaging the North American country, due to which the amount of carbon dioxide reaching the environment will continue to rise.

Although forest fires occur regularly in nature, they are also affected by climate change. According to Mark Parrington, chief researcher of CAMS, due to the continuous rise in temperature and the ever-longer drought, the chance of forest fires similar to the one in Canada increases, reports MTI.

The report also listed the devastating forest fires in Russia, the Iberian Peninsula, Greece and the American island of Maui.

Due to this year’s forest fires, the third highest carbon dioxide emissions were recorded in Greece after 2007 and 2021.

CAMS publishes data on the atmosphere, oceans, land, climate change, security and energy based on satellite images within the framework of the Copernicus program of the European Union.

Cover image source: Getty Images