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Eufy Mach V1 Ultra review: A fantastic wet/dry vacuum cleaner

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At first sight

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Vacuums, mops and steam sanitizes floors Automatically cleans, sterilizes and dries its roller brush Air dries floors to prevent slipping and streaks


Not designed to be used on expensive carpeting

Our verdict

Mach V1 Ultra is a fantastic all-in-one solution for vacuuming, mopping and steam cleaning hard floors.

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After recently replacing the downstairs carpeting in my home with hard floors, I realized the value of an all-in-one vacuum and mop. These combination fixtures are incredibly affordable and significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to keep your floor sparkling. So when Anker’s Eufy brand announced the Mach V1 Ultra cordless vacuum cleaner and steam mop, the first product released under the Mach sub-brand of high-quality smart cleaning appliances, I couldn’t wait to try it out. . Cut to the chase, I was not disappointed.

As the first product, the Mach V1 Ultra establishes the brand’s premium aesthetic with a clean, slim design; easily detachable components; and a color LCD on the handle that displays operations and alerts.

This review is part of TechHive’s in-depth coverage smart vacuum cleaners.

At first glance, the Mach V1 Ultra looks a lot like a high-end cordless vacuum cleaner, but it has a pair of water tanks in the front to store clean and used water, while a compartment in the back holds and disperses cleaning solution. Mach’s proprietary cleaning, a bottle of which is included with the vacuum.

Does the Eufy Mach V1 Ultra have different cleaning modes?

You can use V1 Ultra in three ways. Smart Mode, which is the default cleaning mode, lets you vacuum and mop floors at the same time. There’s also a pure suction mode for when you just want to vacuum which offers 16,800 Pa of suction power.

Having used the V1 Ultra for about a week now, I can’t imagine I’ll ever go back to cleaning my hard floors the old fashioned way.

In Steam mode, the vacuum releases steam at 230 degrees Fahrenheit to dissolve stains and stuck-on grime for easier removal. During this process, the vacuum uses something called Eco-Clean Ozone Disinfection, which means it generates ozone internally and emits it through the steam for an extra layer of sterilization that kills bacteria. The same technology is used to sanitize the vacuum cleaner itself after each cleaning job.

origin 1The V1 Ultra uses the same ozone disinfection process to sanitize floors and its roller brush.

Michele Ansaldo/Foundry

The execution time depends entirely on the mode used. With a fully charged battery, you can use V1 Ultra for up to 82 minutes in suction-only mode or in Smart mode. Steam mode uses much more energy, reducing runtime to about 15 minutes, but I’ve found that’s plenty of time to steam clean my modestly sized living room.

How simple is the Mach V1 Ultra installation process?

The vacuum ships fully assembled, so all you have to do to set it up is plug the charging dock into an outlet and place the vacuum on top of the dock. The first time you turn on Mach V1, a startup animation starts on the LCD display and guides you through basic operations. It also lets you choose the language of the voice commands and offers a QR code for the Eufy Clean app.

To begin cleaning with the V1 Ultra, you must remove the clean water tank, open a rubber lid, fill it with tap water to the maximum water line, then lock it back into place on the vacuum cleaner. Likewise, you will need to remove, refill and replace the cleaning fluid tank. During cleaning, the cleaning solution is automatically dosed and mixed with water for optimal results.

origin 1You can switch modes and monitor working status while cleaning.

Michele Ansaldo/Foundry

The V1 Ultra was a pleasure to use during my trial period. The vacuum, which weighs only about 12 1/2 pounds, propels itself forward with a gentle push. If your only floor cleaning experience is laboriously pushing and pulling a conventional vacuum cleaner and mop, the way the V1 Ultra glides effortlessly across the floor is likely to be a mind-blowing experience.

You can activate or deactivate cleaning methods while vacuuming with a dedicated mode button on the handle. This makes it easy to switch from Smart Mode to Steam Mode, for example, when you encounter a stain or sticky substance, and then back to Smart Mode.

One of my favorite innovations is a non-slip feature that expels air to dry the floor while the V1 Ultra mops. Most of the smart mops I’ve used have left behind a lingering moisture that results in streaks and imprints, and in the worst case scenario, could cause someone to slip and fall. The V1 Ultra dried my floors so well that at first I wasn’t sure if it was actually mopping. No more drying the floor with a towel.

Does the Eufy Mach V1 Ultra have an LCD display?

Much of the information provided by the vacuum’s LCD screen has to do with the operating status of the vacuum. It displays the current cleaning mode and battery level and informs you when features such as the anti-slip function and ozone disinfection are activated.

Even better, the screen shows your floor’s current cleanliness via a colored lightbar: red means your floor is dirty, blue means it’s clean, and a mix of both means it’s somewhere in between . You can see the light bar change color as the cleaning progresses. The Eufy app can additionally be used to view cleaning history and monitor the life expectancy of accessories, including the brush bar and filter.

origin 1The clean and dirty water tanks of the V1 Ultra are easy to detach and clean.

Michele Ansaldo/Foundry

Once you’ve finished cleaning and placed the vacuum cleaner back, you start the self-cleaning process by pressing a button on top of the handle. The vacuum cleaner first cleans, then dries the brush bar and prompts you to remove and empty the dirty water tank. This is the trickiest part of using the V1 Ultra, as it requires you to take different tank components apart, rinse them with tap water, and put them back together. But after running the self-cleaning drill several times, I can assure you that it’s even better to hand-wring a dirty brush head.

Is the Eufy Mach V1 Ultra worth the money?

Having used the V1 Ultra for about a week now, I can’t imagine I’ll ever go back to cleaning my hard floors the old fashioned way. While $700 is no small investment, I believe the cleaning experience and results are worth every penny. However, you can save $100 by opting for the V1, a lower-tier version that Anker says includes all the features of the V1 Ultra except for the steam and anti-slip features.