Essential accessories to embroider your barbecue recipes this Christmas (and always)

Essential accessories to embroider your barbecue recipes this Christmas (and always)

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Essential accessories to embroider your barbecue recipes this Christmas (and always)

Essential accessories to embroider your roast recipes this Christmas (and always) We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Essential accessories to embroider your barbecue recipes this Christmas (and always) Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Essential accessories to embroider your barbecue recipes this Christmas (and always)

The large meat and poultry roasts are a classic on Christmas menus. Larger pieces such as the traditional turkey are ideal to bring together the whole family around the table, and it’s time to indulge yourself with more luxurious meats such as a pularda or suckling pig . In addition to good raw materials and a infallible recipe , for succeed with roasts is necessary good kitchen equipment that ensures perfect results.

The particularities of each preparation will depend to a large extent both on the product and on the size and format of the piece that we want to grill, as it is not the same to cook a shoulder of lamb than some stuffed chicken picantones . However, there are certain utensils and tools that will make our lives much easier time to cook with the oven, both for festive banquets and for any other occasion the rest of the year.

Let us also remember that each oven is a world and you have to learn to know its peculiarities, functionalities and strengths, which will vary according to the manufacturer, the model or how old it is. Just keep in mind that the material of the kitchenware is crucial , because the hot air from the oven transmits very bad heat. In roasts we want the meat to be juicy on the inside, golden and tasty on the outside, somewhat crunchy but never dry, and cooked evenly.

Baking pans

Better to discard the dishes with non-stick coating , which can also be damaged by continued use at high temperatures . We want a material that transmits heat well, gently, and allows the exterior to brown.

Cast iron is the king of versatility and is perfect for slow cooking at low temperatures, and also for very large pieces. It absorbs heat and transmits it like no other material, over its entire surface, emitting radiant heat. Of course, cast iron pans and pans are very expensive and heavy.

STAUB Stackable Oval Platter, Cast Iron, Black, 22 cm

BRA Roasting tray, Black, 41 cm

For this reason, specific roasting dishes are also a good option, made of stainless steel , without material non-stick, high-walled and with handles. We can also choose a model that has a removable grid , which will give us more versatility when it comes to roast different pieces, so that the air also circulates under the pieces. It is also ideal for vegetables.

A piece of clay can be perfect for roasts of meats that run the risk of drying out too much, such as lamb or certain cuts of pork, because they retain more moisture . On the negative side, they do not allow such a marked or crisp browning. A clay pan with a lid , such as the Römertopf, creates a moist environment that provides juicy roasts and tender.

Kitchen Craft – Rectangular Oven Platter with Grid (Stainless Steel), Silver Color

Le Creuset Evolution Rectangular Tray, All heat sources incl. induction, 4.9 l, Cast iron, Red (Cherry), 32 cm

KitchenCraft Baking Dish with Lid and Recipes in Gift Box, Terracotta, Orange, 35 x 26 x 15, 5 cm

Kitchen thermometer

If you are a true fan of roasts and barbecues, you may want to invest in a state-of-the-art thermometer such as the Meater, which we tested here and it left us with very good impressions. But for occasional roasts and other daily preparations, a good digital model , of instant reading, with spike or probe.

You can review our buying guide to learn more about the characteristics that this gadget must meet and how to choose the one that best suits your needs.

ThermoPro TP 06 S Instant Read Kitchen Thermometer in 5 Seconds Digital Food Thermometers with Long Probe for Meat Barbecue Food Liquids Oil Water

ThermoPro TP 18 Dual Probe Digital Kitchen Thermometer with Timer Mode BBQ Thermometers with Large LCD Backlight for BBQ Meat Food Liquid Grill Oven

WMF Profi Plus Digital Thermometer, Polished Stainless Steel

MEATER Plus | 50 m Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer for Oven, Kitchen Grill, BBQ, Smoker, Rotisserie with Bluetooth and WiFi Digital Connectivity

Kitchen thread or twine, meshes and bridle needle

Also called twine, it is a type of thick twine designed to be in contact with food and resist high temperatures without degrading. The string allows to flange the meats that need it to maintain their shape or to hold fillings, Also to tie limbs such as the legs and wings of birds and make them look perfect.

The needle is also used in combination with the string when we need to penetrate the meat to close holes , filler openings or to tie with more precision. It is not a good idea to improvise with textile sewing thread or non-kitchen specific needles. There are also elastic meshes that are generally adapted to round pieces of veal or loins that we are going to fill in.

IBILI 0766864 – Kitchen Wire

IBILI Elastic mesh Flesh, Fabric, Multicolor, 20 x 08 x 8 cm

Kitchen Craft 19 cm stainless steel tying needle, silver

Brushes and pipettes

Especially in roasts of large pieces that require more time in the oven, it is more than advisable to go drizzling the meat with juices to keep it tasty and prevent it from drying out. We could use a simple spoon, but it’s awkward and impractical, so we recommend a brush or pipette.

If you decide on the brush -in any case, it is advisable to have at least one pair for different uses in the kitchen-, avoid silicone ones . The traditional ones are much more efficient when it comes to collecting and distributing juices, fats and sauces. Pipettes, also called sprayers, racks, saucers or sauces, allow you to take much more substance and spray it with more precision.

In the case of poultry, such as chicken or turkey, we want a golden and crispy skin, so try to spray them with plenty of fat and avoid using only water or alcohol, which would only moisten the skin, preventing it from gratin and leaving it soft.

Pastry Brushes Natural Bristle Bristle Brush Kitchen Oil Brush with Beech Wood Handle and Hanging Rope Rope

Kitchen Craft KCBASTERGL – Kitchen Syringe

Lacor – 61408 – Pipette For Sauces / Roasts 40 ml – Gray

Syringes and wickers

An injector syringe allows you to directly introduce liquids, sauces, fat and marinades , with great precision and very simply. It will also be useful for sauce, decorate dishes with elegance or to distribute juicy fillings in other dishes and foods.

A roving needle is used for what its name indicates, to wick the meat, that is, to put in it elements that add juiciness and flavor. With a very simple mechanism, the roaster opens small holes, penetrates thick meats and introduces fatty ingredients such as bacon, fat or bacon, or also other aromatics such as olives, cheese, herbs or dry fruits.

Ibili 777500 – Sauces Injector

Dosing syringe for seasoning GoodGrips Oxo

Metaltex Needle for MECHAR Meat, Stainless Steel, Standard

Lacor 61408 – Wicking needle, Stainless Steel 18 / 11, 19 cm

Cutting and carving table

Don’t try to carve or cut large pieces of meat on a plain plate or platter; You could spoil the piece that you have roasted with so much care. Nothing like a good specific board to carve meat, better if it is made of good quality wood, thick and firm, with grooves or grooves of good thickness on its perimeter to collect the juices that will inevitably come out. If it is reversible, even better.

If you prefer to avoid wood, there are also manufacturers that have designed innovative boards in high quality plastic materials , resistant but not very heavy, easy to clean and very hygienic, also with space to collect juices, sometimes with built-in fasteners so that the piece does not slip.

Coninx Cutting Board Carving Bamboo Board – 45 cm x 30 cm x 2.5 cm Large and Sturdy Kitchen – Bamboo Wood Cutting Board with Groove

Zwilling 30319527 – Bamboo Cutting Board, 31 x 42 x 4 cm

Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Plus – Large Cutting Board – Black

Cutlery for carving

It will be of little use to have a good board if we do not have adequate tools for carving. Perhaps the carving fork seems a somewhat useless cutlery, but it fulfills its function like few others; You will appreciate it when handling very large or whole pieces.

To obtain clean, straight and beautiful cuts, without dismembering the meat or spilling the filling if necessary, you need a long, fine and sharp blade knife , and a carver with which to firmly hold the piece. The carving knife is usually of medium size and should offer a comfortable and ergonomic handle, a thin but solid thickness and, above all, a high-quality edge that allows you to cut cleanly in a single movement.

3 CLAVELES Forgé Stainless Steel Carving Machine, Cranberry, 16 cm

Zwilling Four Star – Sigmaforge Single Piece Forged Blade Filleting Knife, Friodur Cold Hardened Blade, 200 millimeters, Stainless Steel


Strainer and grease or sauce separator

Those wonderful juices that remain in the pan after cooking the roast cannot be wasted. But we are not going to serve the concoction as it is in the dishes, and less in a party menu.

To make the sauce there are different methods; The most common is to pass the entire content of the source -except for the meat, of course- to a saucepan to reduce it a bit and perhaps add other ingredients, also being able to deglaze. If there are vegetables and other elements, you can grind everything, but we can always use a very fine mesh strainer to separate impurities.

And the separator allows that, once all the juices have been strained, we serve only the clean sauce, avoiding the excess fat that roasts usually release during cooking. They are designed so that the fat remains in the upper part of the liquid, in such a way that we can pour the sauce colada discarding the fats; much better if they have a built-in filter and a marked measurement system.

OXO Good Grips – Grease Remover Jar for Sauces, 650 ml capacity

Lacor – 61610 – Grease Separator Jug 500 ml – Red

Extra accessories: scissors, lifting fork and cutting comb

These three utensils are not the results, and they will make us improve the recipes and presentations.

The specific scissors for cutting for birds are designed to offer a precise and clean cut in the joints Smaller bones and muscles from turkey and chicken to smaller birds like quail, without destroying them.

A lifting fork allows to lift, turn and transport larger birds without difficulty, as well as other meats, and a cutting comb is very useful to obtain identical slices without damaging the piece or burning us.

Multifunction Kitchen Scissors, Stainless Steel Poultry Scissors, Spring Mechanism, Durable, with Non-slip Handle, For Chicken, Bones, Poultry, Meat, Vegetables

Arcos Series Ecopro, Chicken Scissors, Forged Stainless Steel Blade of 250 mm, Forged Stainless Steel Handle, Silver Color

Lacor – 60336 – Stainless Steel Short Comb

Stainless Steel Forks Turkey Lifter: Poultry Lifters Claws Turkey Carving Fork with Non-slip Handle Forks Four Needle Meat Fork Carving

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