Erotic comics: 8 graphic novels to fantasize, learn and have fun

Erotic comics: 8 graphic novels to fantasize, learn and have fun (News) – Erotic comics: 8 graphic novels to fantasize, learn and have fun As, we have explained detailed information on this subject in detail below. “Erotic comics: 8 graphic novels to fantasize, learn and have fun” Here are the details .. The world of comics has not remained indifferent to the sexual surge. It offers a wide range of erotics, from “hentai” – downright pornographic “hot manga” – to more detailed, more suggestive and more informative scenarios, of which we have selected a few examples. To enjoy for two if possible.

Polyamory and fresh water DR After studying the male member from every angle ( Table penis, same editor), Cookie Kalkair explores, with his two lovers, the question of non-monogamy. Can you really love more than one person? How to deal with jealousy? What to answer to the children’s questions?, Etc.

With as much humor as seriousness, the designer, based in Barcelona, ​​shares, without cheating, the reality of life in a “troop” »With its good times and its not so good times.

Of polyamory and of fresh water, by Cookie Kalkair, Elsa Hebert and Cristina Rodriguez (Steinkis, September 2021, 17 €).

Happy Sex 1 and Happy Sex 2 DR The one who first made himself known as the daddy of a little boy named Titeuf, and his “sexual zizi”, also questions the pleasure and the search for happiness of adults.

Obviously insisting on small accidents and other slippages, because it is the most fun, but also in order to decomplex, play down and give back a space of freedom in which we can try lots of things. Sexuality as the last playground!

Happy Sex 1 and Happy Sex 2, by Zep ( Delcourt, 2009 and 2019, 15 , 95 € and 17, 50 €).

The hidden treasures of Erotic comics DR For those who still do not know anything about this universe, here is the ideal way to take their first steps: fifty short stories, erotic and porn, by famous or unknown authors, from all over the world and from all eras . An anthology that will allow you to find the author (s) whose style “speaks” to you the most.

The hidden treasures of erotic comics, by Bernard Joubert (Revival, November 2021, 30 €).

Guilty looks in love Regards guilty is the pseudonym of a Parisian artist who explores the aesthetics of the gesture of love through different figures of couples.

His drawing is intended to be minimalist, as if to underline the purity of a languid expression without prohibitions. This clear line envelops the silhouette of bodies that love each other, from the modest approach to ecstasy.

Some poetic texts, just as sober, contribute to the sublimated vision of ‘a shared feeling and a confidence that leads to abandonment. A sensory experience.

Guilty looks in love (Hachette, September 2019, 30 €)

The Arcana of Maison Fleury 1. Le Rossignol DR An original decor – London, at the end of the XIX e century – and an intrigue which is no less so, so rare is it to see detective history and erotic drawings mixed up.

Yet here is the commissioner Barnes, introduced by an investigation into the pleasant Fleury house and its quite delightful residents … A good scenario, carried by very refined drawings.

The Arcana of Maison Fleury 1. Le Rossignol, by Gabriele Di Caro (April 2021, Taboo, 17 €).

The Temptation DR Gérard and Françoise, a couple in their fifties on vacation on the Côte d’Azur, meet a sassy young woman and her boyfriend. They indulge in the temptation of voyeurism and then swinging.

The beauty of the seascapes and entwined bodies does not prevent this story from questioning the renewal of desire, the age difference in love… and remorse. “True” eroticism.

The Temptation, from Axel (January 2019, Dynamite, 15, 90 €).

Real Sex in real life and Real Sex in real life life .2, DR A simple and cheerful drawing sketches, without embellishing them, a whole panorama of experiences: straight, gay, bi or trans, from the young woman testing her first sex toy to the couple trying out a threesome.

Between the sketches, educational pages on protection, screening, etc. To read with pleasure before offering it to your teenager or to any other great beginner.

Real Sex real life and Real Sex Real Life .2, of Cy (Rabbit, 2016 and 2018, 22 €).

2021 Any bad ass DR Simple, modern and colorful boards, which tell failed sex stories. Awkwardness, fatigue and other sources of fiasco lead to so many funny situations. History to desecrate the sacrosanct performance and to exonerate those to whom these adventures will remind you of something.

Laughter heals everything, and first of all the so harmful temptation to take the explorations sensual too seriously.

Any ass sucking, by Anne Baraou and Fanny Dalle-Rive (June 2019, Cornelius, 18, 50 €).

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