El Corte Inglés reduces its electricity consumption by almost 25% in five years

El Corte Inglés has managed to reduce its electricity consumption by almost 25% in the last five years, as reported by the company.

The decrease in consumption in this year has been greater than in previous years: a – 10% with respect to 2019, in part, as a consequence of the state of alarm and restrictions on schedules and commercial activity. This decrease means a saving of more than 141. 538. 632 kWh, equivalent to the consumption of about 43. 000 homes in one year.

In this line, the company promotes the promotion of energy efficiency and is working on the establishment of specific consumption reduction targets. To guide the business along this path, the group has a governance model and a strategy to set the main lines of action in the matter.

Thus, in the year 2020, the 100% of the electricity supplied to the group in Spain and the 55% in Portugal comes exclusively from renewable energy sources. Thus, the company has implemented a consumption control project that allows increasing knowledge of the use of energy, identifying behaviors, comparisons and anomalies in each of the different consumer systems that help determine adjustments in facilities and continuous improvements in operations.

Energy audits Currently , has more than 4. 000 telemetry points integrated in the most of the El Corte Inglés centers. This control system has been accompanied by energy audits at night (which complement those carried out in previous years) and different actions by those responsible for maintenance.

On the other hand, El Corte Inglés has increased by 2020 its commitment to environmental transparency, reporting for the first time on its impact on climate matters through CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a non-profit organization that runs the platform of The world’s leading environmental disclosure.

In addition, the company has made progress in the process of implementing new charging points for electric vehicles in shopping centers. The company has more than 200 charging points in its establishments, which are equivalent to a free transfer to your customers of 327. 608 kWh. This consumption is offered to support and promote electric mobility, with the added value of renewable energy 100 with guarantee of origin in Spain.

El Corte Inglés has indicated that it will continue working on this commitment, “promoting the use of technologies that are more respectful of the environment and raising awareness among customers.”


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