Eat healthy in! (XCV): the light menu of the month -!

Being close to the end of a new year, many of us try to fulfill the purposes set out at the beginning of it, such as improving the quality of our food. To contribute to this, we leave like every month our light menu that can be of help to eat healthier .

The light menu of the month In order to provide a guide to plan a healthy menu at home and based on it, solve weekly meals easily we leave our light menu with various recipes included.

Proposals for breakfast or snack Although these intakes are not essential, many of us are used to it. Therefore, we leave our healthy proposals for breakfasts or snacks :

Sugar-free infusion and slice of Nordic Stone Age bread with avocado and tomato. Infusion without sugar and portion of shakshuka or breakfast with Maghreb eggs. Glass of milk and chocolate and chickpea cookies with peanut butter for which we recommend using date syrup as a sweetener and choosing a dark chocolate without added sugar. Portion of porridge or quinoa porridge with almond milk.

Glass of milk and Pumpkin and oatmeal waffles with fresh fruits. Sugar-free infusion and fitness oatmeal muffins , peanut butter, seeds and nuts. Here We can go to an option and repeat it every day of the week or, vary the proposals if we are one of those who easily fall into monotony.

On the other hand, as we have said, it is important customize the menu and for this, we can modify recipes, portions and others, of the proposals given above.

Suggestions for main meals Every day of the week it is recommended to foresee what we are going to cook or what we are going to consume since the mere fact of leaving the Random decision of what to eat, promotes the intake of ultra-processed foods and meals prepared outside the home.

Therefore, we leave the following suggestions for the main meals :

Monday: for lunch we recommend a pumpkin soup, red lentils and brown rice while for dinner, we propose some broccoli and caramelized onion pancakes that we can accompany with some vegetables if we wish. Tuesday : we suggest for noon a portion of salmon a la nàge and for dinner, a warm salad of curried cauliflower and couscous with yogurt sauce, mango and pomegranate. Wednesday : For lunch we recommend a portion of polenta with chestnut ragout and cherry tomatoes, while for the evening meal the proposal is a baked pumpkin with pistachio and pomegranate gremolata. Thursday : the lunch suggestion is a quick chicken and chickpea curry and for dinner, sweet potato or baked sweet potato stuffed with egg and spinach. Friday : for lunch we recommend a portion of vegetable and beef stew, while for the evening meal the suggestion is a beet cream and coconut milk and some grilled lettuce heads with dried fruit vinaigrette. soy and honey.

Saturday : we recommend for noon a portion of beans with monkfish and for dinner, some aubergines stuffed with zucchini ratatouille. Sunday : for lunch we propose the sweet potato dumplings, red lentils and baked oatmeal with tahini sauce, next to a fresh salad. And for dinner, the suggestion is a pesto chicken breast salad. Here it is also recommended to modify recipes, portions and others according to the particularities of each home or consumer that implements the menu.

We can repeat suggestions or replace them , changing the proposals of one day for those of another without any inconvenience.

Tips to complete the light menu of the month To achieve effectively eat healthier, it is essential to gradually promote the modification of habits that allows maintaining a balanced diet over time.

For this, in the close to the end of the year holidays and the end of the academic year, we advise to avoid excesses of all kinds and severe restrictions .

Thus, we always recommend do not anticipate the end of the year parties and be moderate in the festivities that from now on are carried out to celebrate the closing of the 2021.

By avoiding consuming Christmas desserts and sweets as well as copious dinners, we can save many calories in our diet as well as subtracting poor quality nutrients.

At the other extreme are the severe restrictions that we also advise avoiding. That is to say we advise against the implementation of miraculous or very restrictive diets from now until the end of the year with the aim of losing weight or detoxifying, because the only thing they achieve is more hunger, anxiety and desire to eat that will be compensated with excesses in the Christmas holidays.

For all this, we recommend moderation above all, the mental record of what was ingested and the consumption conscious of each of our foods without ever stopping savoring and enjoying each bite.

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