Easy recipes for daily and a sneak peek for Christmas on the weekly menu for December 13 -!

It’s been weeks since we started to share with you recipe ideas for Christmas and in our weekly menu today we are going to follow the trend with two menus for the Holidays. You will find them at meals on Saturday and Sunday, days when there is more time to cook and you want to give yourself a tribute. Similarly, the breakfast, snack and dessert section that has been invaded by the Christmas spirit. Do not panic, our daily lunches and dinners are full of easy recipes so that cooking continues to be a pleasure and not a burden. You will find comforting soups and creams, light dishes and healthy preparations with which to take care of yourself and enjoy eating in equal parts. Monday Food: creamy bean soup with vegetables and Parmesan and spinach, mushroom and dried fruit puff pastry Dinner: warm green asparagus salad with poached egg Tuesday Food: cream of zucchini and baked salmon with celeriac cream Dinner: roasted leeks with mustard and egg vinaigrette Wednesday Lunch: Salmon, mango and avocado salad and stewed chicken with olives and capers Dinner: Lazy omelette or potato omelette for foreigners Thursday Meal: potato and aubergine millefeuille and hake in green sauce Dinner: avocado and cheese sandwich with turkey bacon Porra antequerana de Naranja Friday Lunch: Antequeran baton of orange and feather of Iberico baked with potatoes Dinner: eggs stuffed with tuna and homemade mayonnaise with Caesar salad Saturday Food: cappuccino with mushrooms and cheese and cod with Galician cauliflower garnished with candied piquillo peppers Dinner: roasted cabbage with pistachio vinaigrette Mexican polvorones or snowball cookies Sunday Lunch: Vegetable tian and Malaga goat with garlic garnished with baked brussels sprouts with apple Dinner: multi-vegetable cream Appetizers and snacks Josephinas Teaspoons of marinated mozzarella, sardine and basil Gazpacho blinis with ham and cheese cream Breakfasts, snacks and sweet treats The breakfasts and snacks this week have been displaced by proposals of Christmas sweets and desserts that, we are sure, will come to you with pearls of face to the celebratory lunches and dinners that we have a la vu elta from the corner. Here you can find recipes for less festive breads, cakes and desserts so you don’t stop eating well and healthy. Mexican polvorones or snowball cookies Danielitos de Cónchar Caramelised almonds Homemade marzipan Almond polvorones Directly to the Palate | Healthy and simple recipes on the weekly menu for December 6 Directly to the Paladar | Comforting recipes to combat the cold on the weekly menu for 29 November