Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer


You may have noticed if you are using the Google Chrome browser. When you click the Download Chrome button on the Google Chrome download page, an installer will be downloaded to your system . When you run this installer, which is a few mb in size, the actual browser components are downloaded and installed on your system. So you need an internet connection to install the browser with the downloaded file .

There are several reasons why Google offers installers this way. In this way, an installer provides advantages to the user and Google. Besides, you cannot install the scanner on a computer without an internet connection with this installer. Also, installing it on a computer with a slow internet connection can be annoying. There may be situations when we need a browser on a computer without an internet connection. Or suppose you need to install Google Chrome on a large number of computers. Instead of downloading the browser over and over again, you can download it once and save it on a flash disk and install it on a large number of computers. I would only recommend that you do not forget to change the file you downloaded from time to time if a new version is available.

Google Chrome did not link to the full installation package on the official download page. Visit the page below to download the Chrome.exe file, which you can install offline .

When you click the DOWNLOAD CHROME button on this page, a file around 52MB will be downloaded.

With this file, you can install Google Chrome on a computer without an internet connection .

Alternatively, another place where you can download the Chrome offline 32bit and 64bit installation package is on its corporate page at the address below.