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How to download Instagram photos from PC and cell phone

Tricks and tools to download photos, videos and stories from Instagram to your PC, iPhone or Android for free, with and without programs.

Many times we see images, photos or videos on Instagram that inspire us and we know how to save this content in an organized way to see it later. In this post I have the solution, I will teach you how to save and download Instagram photos and videos from your PC or your cell phone for free.

Instagram does not allow the download of publications from its platform, so we will need some tools. I will teach you how to download photos without downloading anything and also alternatives with programming or applications.

How to download Instagram photos online without applications

From your computer’s browser such as Chrome, Mozilla or Safari you can edit the Instagram URL to bypass the Instagram download block. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram from PC: find the image you want to download, right click on it and then select “Open link in a new tab”
  2. Go to the new tab that was opened and you will see that in your navigation bar the URL will be something like this “
  3. To download the photo, all you have to do is add “/ media /? Size = l” to the browser address, right click and “Save image”


Applications to download photos and videos from Instagram

From the computer:

  • Instaview: this free tool is very powerful and easy to use to download any content to your PC. Just go to InstaView, paste the link of the publication in your browser and click on “DOWNLOAD NOW“. Allows you to download photos and videos.
  • Downloadgram: This free application is available for PC. It allows you to save photos, videos and even IGTV videos from any Instagram account.

From your iPhone

If you want to save Instagram photos without filling up your reel of screenshots, a free application that will be very useful is Regrammer

  • Access Regrammer from Safari or your browser on your iPhone.
  • Go to the image you want to save from Instagram, click on the three dots on the upper right and then on “Copy link
  • Paste the link on the website and click “Download” and then “Save Image

This is the most effective way to save Instagram photos to your iPhone in 2019. Believe me, I have tried thousands of mobile applications, and they are all paid, malfunction, or add a watermark.

From your Android

If you have a mobile device that works with Android, in addition to being able to use the web version of Re:grammer, you have an application called Instagram Download available. It allows you to download images and videos from this social network and also to be able to re:posts. reels downloader here

  • Download the tool from Google Play
  • Copy the link of the photo or video that you want to download from Instagram (instructions in the previous step)
  • Paste the link in Instagram Download and click “Download”, as indicated in the following image. You will have the image or video available in the gallery of your cell phone.

Download Instagram Stories


You may also be interested in downloading videos or images in the Instagram Stories format. The easiest option is to do it for free from your cell phone. The best options available in 2019 are:

  • From your iPhone: Download the Story Reposter application from the Play Store, enter the username of the account where the publication you want to save is, select the account and the story and you will have the photo or video available on your reel.
  • From your Android: Download the Story Saver for Instagram application from Google Play, search for the account and publication of your interest, click on it and select Repost or Save (repost or save).