Dog house: how to choose the right one for your pet – RB

Dog bed: how to choose the right one for your pet – RB

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Dog house: how choose the right one for your pet – RB

Dog bed: how to choose the right one for your pet – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Dog bed: how to choose the right one for your pet – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Dog bed: how to choose the right one for your pet – RB

When it comes to buying the dog bed , it is important to pay attention to some details that will make them comfortable and practical for everyone, including pet.

Dog house: why choose carefully

Let’s start from the assumption that the dog kennels are not all the same, just as ours are not. animals. What makes the difference is not only the price, very variable, and their appearance with a thousand shapes and sizes, but above all its comfort and ease of use . When choosing a dog house, we must never forget that it will be a place where our dogs will spend many hours of the day, so it must be chosen with extreme care and attention.

But not only that: some dog kennels can even pose a danger to some puppies, especially for smaller and more lively ones, with sharp and long nails. So let’s see how to choose a good kennel for our dog.

Dog kennel: a what to pay attention to

What should a dog’s kennel look like? Certainly beautiful to look at and soft, but let’s go in order. Before buying a dog kennel it is important to carefully evaluate some aspects, which we will now see one by one in detail.

Bed size

The size of a dog house must be adequate for their size. It is wrong to believe that a huge dog house makes them happier because, in reality and especially during the cold period, dogs prefer to curl up on themselves.

It is therefore important to choose a doghouse of the correct size : not too big, not too small. Obviously, the choice will have to be proportionate to our animal: a doghouse for Labradors will certainly be much larger than a doghouse for small dogs.

Kennel material

Even the choice of the material of the kennel should not be left to chance. Our dogs spend many hours curled up in the kennel but, despite the thousand attentions, they often smell a bad smell.

To eliminate it it is possible to use special perfumers , but the absolute best choice is to periodically wash the dog bed in the washing machine: for this reason it is very important to choose one made with a machine washable material and, preferably , can be tumble dried. This attention will allow you to have a clean and dry kennel in a couple of hours.

Before washing the kennel it is always a good idea to carefully vacuum all the hairs and any residue so as not to dirty the washing machine.

In addition to scenting the fabric, washing also prevents annoying flea infestations in the home. It is good to keep in mind that fleas are deposited where our animals spend most of their time and the kennel is one of those places. If you use a pesticide there is nothing to fear, but if you happen to forget it, have a washable kennel will be a great choice to disinfect it and remove bad odors.

For the cotton kennels we will always have to make sure that the fabric is of good quality: many dogs love to “dig ”In the kennel and this tends to quickly damage the fabric, consuming it until it breaks. Choosing a good quality one will therefore ensure a long life for the dog bed.

Finally, it is also a good choice to choose a waterproof kennel : liquids, of any type, they will not be absorbed by the padding, preserving it for a long time.

Cuccia/Cuscino per cani impermeabile, lavabile in lavatrice, 3 misure

Cuccia per cani mordida, lavabile in lavatrice, in diverse misure e colori

Cuccia per cani mordida, lavabile in lavatrice, in diversi colori

Sit for dogs with removable cover

A certainly good choice is to focus on the purchase of dog beds with removable covers . The possibility of removing a kennel allows you to wash only the lining of the kennel, without having to clean the padding as well. This system turns into a double advantage: less fabric to wash (which can thus also be washed by hand) and quick drying even in the open air.


Cuccia per cani sfoderabile e impermeabile, lavabile in lavatrice, 3 dimensioni

Cuccia per cani sfoderabile, impermeabile, lavabile in lavatrice, 2 dimensioni

Cuccia per cani completamente sfoderabile, antigraffio e antistrappo, lavabile in lavatrice a 30°, di ottima qualità

Dog beds: how to choose

Even when it comes to small dogs, intended as puppies, it is good to have some small attentions. When it comes to choosing a dog bed, in addition to the advice given above, it is important to avoid those fabrics where puppies could get caught with their claws , in some cases even breaking them trying to free themselves. Rather, to keep them warm, it’s best to choose a comfortable yet simple bed, adding a small dog blanket that will help keep them warm.

Cuccia per cani idrorepellente, antimacchia, antigraffio, impermeabile, lavabile a 30°, in 6 colori

Cheap Dog Kennels (Under 40 $)

Now that we’ve seen what to look out for when choosing a kennel, we can also consider buying cheap dog kennels. Good quality dog ​​kennels have quite high costs (repaid by their practicality and durability), however we can buy cheap good quality kennels, even online, without spending too much.

Cuccia per cani morbida, sfoderabile e antiscivolo, impermeabile e lavabile

Cuccia per cani morbida, imbottitura in cotone 100%, cuciture antistrappo e antimorso, lavabile in lavatrice

Cuccia per cani morbida, antigraffio e idrorepellente

Outdoor dog kennels: how to choose

If your dog spends many hours outdoors, it is important to choose a good outdoor dog house . Outdoor dog kennels must be made of weatherproof material, even better if waterproof, especially if the kennel is to be placed in an uncovered place.

The outdoor dog kennel can be made in wood or in resin , a weatherproof plastic material. The choice of wood is certainly the most suitable in terms of environmental sustainability, however an outdoor kennel in resin has the advantage of being able to be washed periodically, keeping it perfectly clean and sanitized.

Regardless of the material chosen, a good outdoor dog house should be raised off the floor to ensure a better insulation.

Also in this case the choice must be suitable for the size of the dog: a model that is too small may not entice the dog to enter it as, unlike cats, they prefer more entrances. large . On the contrary, however, an entrance that is too wide will make the kennel colder in the winter months.

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Cuccia per cani da esterno in resina, resistente, con pavimento rialzato


Cuccia per cani da esternodi taglia media, resistente, con fondo estraibile

How to perfume the dog bed: the solutions

Finally, here are some valuable tips. Anyone who has a pet at home is perfectly aware of this unfortunate drawback. Unfortunately, after some time from washing, the kennel “tends to smell”: this is normal as our 4-legged friends spend many hours of the day in the kennel, often playing with it, eating on it, licking or rubbing.

To alleviate this annoying smell between one wash and the other of the kennel, we can use specific perfumers for kennels that are sprayed directly on the fabric: they eliminate bad smells for a while, transforming them into perfume.

Deodorante nebulizzatore per cucce, lettiere, ambienti, al profumo di brezza marina


Febreze eliminatore di odori di animali, rinfresca i tessuti difficili da lavare

Spray detergente igienizzante, 100% natuale e senza risciacquo, ideale per superfici abitate da animali