Doctors and nurses no vax suspended: the list of structures involved – RB

Doctors and nurses no vax suspended: the list of structures involved – RB

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Doctors and nurses no vax suspended: the list of structures involved – RB

Doctors and nurses no vax suspended: the list of structures involved – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Doctors and nurses no vax suspended: the list of structures involved – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Doctors and nurses no vax suspended: the list of structures involved – RB

The control services at national level carried out by the Carabinieri of the NAS continue to verify compliance with the vaccination obligation by doctors and health professionals. In fact, it happens more and more often that we read or hear about healthcare professionals who declare themselves “no vax” .

Being opposed to the vaccine, however, exposes in these cases many risks (and not only for one’s own health , here – for example – we have explained to you how the suspension with reserve works and what are the consequences in terms of salaries). Different speech, then, for those who omit or hide the fact of not being vaccinated, but continue to practice the profession. At this point, in fact, it is a crime.

Doctors and nurses no vax: maxi blitz of the police

Following a series of sweeps , initiated by the authorities in November, well 6. 600 positions have been verified , coming to discover 308 professionals in the health sector who carried out their activities although they did not comply with the vaccination obligation for the prevention of COVID – 19. The Ministry of Health reported this in a note.

Among the professionals who practiced irregularly , the NAS Carabinieri identified and referred to the Public Prosecutors “135 among doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and other deemed figures responsible for abusive exercise of the profession for continuing to carry out their activities despite being subject to suspension measures issued by health authorities and related Orders “.

The checks were also followed by closures and seizures of 6 medical and dental offices as well as 2 pharmacies , to which already suspended professionals carried out the activity internally. As if that were not enough, in the execution of these interventions drugs and medical devices fraudulently used were also seized during the course of medical activities and practices by persons not entitled to their detention and employment.

Suspended doctors and nurses no vax: the structures involved

The Ministry of Health, Wednesday 22 December, announced l ” list of the structures involved by the suspensions and seizures for illegal activities carried out by health workers no vax.

Among the interventions, the following were reported:

Nas Torino – referred in a state of freedom in December 2021 for a dermatologist of a medical center in Novara, engaged in the performance of her professional activity although already the recipient of the provision of suspension, issued by the competent Order, for non-compliance with the required vaccination obligation;

– report of two dentists identified by the NAS during 2 different checks: both continued to exercise their activity in a private regime despite being recipients of the suspension provision issued by the professional association for non-compliance with the vaccination obligation;

– seizure of two dental practices located in the Piedmontese capital, for a value of 500 thousand $. In the same context, a chair assistant was also reported who also did not comply with the vaccination obligation envisaged for health care workers.

Nas Catania – discovered and sanctioned a medical manager working at the Continuity of Care Service – Medical Guard – of a country in the province of Messina despite being in possession of an expired green pass for not having undergone the third dose of anti Covid vaccine – 19 by the deadline.

Nas Trento – two doctors on duty at an otolaryngology clinic in Bolzano who continued to work in the facility without having complied with the vaccination obligation were sanctioned. The legal representative also reported in the circumstance for failing to verify compliance by its employees with the provisions of the law.

Nas Parma – a general practitioner, belonging to an associated practice of General Practitioners in San Giorgio Piacentino (PC), was referred in a state of freedom, surprised to carry out her activity despite being in possession of an invalid green certification, since she has not yet undergone to the administration of the third dose (“booster”) of the anti Covid vaccine – 19.

Nas Catania – a medical director of oncology, on duty at the hospital of Caltagirone (CT), was sanctioned for having exercised his profession in the absence of the planned vaccination for Covid – 19.

Nas Treviso – an intervention by the NAS in December 2021 made it possible to surprise, at the end of a night shift, a nurse on duty at an RSA of San DonĂ  di Piave (VE), already suspended by the Order of Nursing Professions of the province of Trento for not having submitted to the vaccination obligation. The same was deferred in a state of freedom and reported to the competent Administrative and Health Authorities.

Nas Caserta – identified and sanctioned 2 pharmacists, respectively owner and employee of a pharmacy in Caserta, both not complying with the vaccination obligation and not yet suspended by the Professional Order to which they belong.