Doc-In Your Hands 2: New Characters, Plot and When It Airs – RB

Doc-In Your Hands 2: new characters, plot and when it airs – RB

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Doc -In your hands 2: new characters, plot and when it airs – RB

Doc-In your hands 2: new characters, plot and when it airs – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Doc-In your hands 2: new characters, plot and when it airs – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Doc-In your hands 2: new characters, plot and when it airs – RB

Doctor Fanti is ready to return. After the great success with the first season, Doc-In your hands 2 try to repeat the unexpected success of the first with a new season that still sees Luca Argentero take on the role of Andrea Fanti, head of the Internal Medicine Department of the Polyclinic to which a gunshot has canceled 12 years of life.

The production is still that blazoned by Lux Vide , in collaboration with Rai Fiction, directed by Beniamino Catena and Giacomo Martelli. The fiction is inspired by the true story of the doctor Pierdante Piccioni , who spoke several times to compliment the ‘excellent work done by the writers and the protagonist who perfectly fell into the role of the original hero.

Doc-In your hands 2, who are the new characters

A new and unwelcome guest is expected in the wards of the Polyclinic. This is the Covid – 19 , which could not be ignored if the intention was to give a truthful matrix to the story. After all, that’s also what the public expects. The protagonist is inspired by a real person and it is therefore natural that the story is built on experiences which draw on current events.

The consolidated cast, which is primarily responsible for the great success of the series, are joined by other characters. Among the names of the new protagonists appears that of Cecilia Tedeschi (Alice Arcuri), virologist and woman with an independent soul who still finds it difficult to relate to the outside world. In the second season of Doc , it represents the antithesis of Andrea Fanti, of whom one was in love at university , just like Agnes, the woman he will later marry.

Great expectation, however, for Giusy Buscemi, face and form of Lucia Ferrari , expert psychologist in treatment of post traumatic disorders. Finally, Marco Rossetti plays Damiano Cesconi, a doctor disappointed by the National Health System and ready to turn page with a new professional experience.

The plot

Andrea Fanti returns to the ward with an unthinkable future in front of him: a world pandemic ready to claim millions of victims. Like all Italian doctors, he too will face the Covid emergency – 19 without ever delaying and with the clear objective to return to normal. This is where the stakes are higher, because he will not only be called upon to protect himself and his patients but also the entire medical department that he would like to return to direct.

The goal is to save lives but also the future of his work. After the arrest of Marco Sardoni , the new head physician intends to transform the ward into a supervision against future pandemics. Fanti thus intervenes to direct his colleague towards a medicine that is more humane , without losing the relationship with the patient that remains fundamental despite the fear of contagion. Thus he understands that the time has come to fight to take back his role .

And it is here that his accident and what it entailed returns to make its way, including the long memory gap 12 years and in which progress made in that period is also included. Not only. Andrea Fanti will have to deal with a terrible sense of guilt for something that happened in the moment worse than the emergency and that everyone tries to keep hidden.

Doc-In your hands 2, when it airs

The new season of Doc-In your hands 2 airs in prime time on Rai1, at 21, 25, every Thursday from 13 January. The total bets are 7, the last one scheduled for March 3. The episodes of February 3 are skipped, the date on which the third evening of the Sanremo Festival is scheduled 2022, with the management and artistic direction of Amadeus .

The cast

In the cast of Doc-In your hands 2 : Luca Argentero (Andrea Fanti) Matilde Gioli (Giulia Giordano) Sara Lazzaro (Agnese Tiberi), Pierpaolo Spollon (Riccardo Bonvegna), Simona Tabasco (Elisa Russo), Silvia Mazzieri (Alba Patrizi), Alberto Malanchino (Gabriel Kidane), Elisa D’Eusanio (Teresa Maraldi), Beatrice GrannĂ² (Carolina Fanti), Gianmarco Saurino (Lorenzo Lazzarini), Giusy Buscemi, Giovanni Scifoni (Enrico Sandri), Alice Arcuri (Cecilia Tedeschi), Marco Rossetti (Damiano Cesconi), Gaetano Bruno.

Doc nelle tue mani 2

Doc in your hands 2, plot, cast and when it starts