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Do you need surveillance at home? Then Yi Home 1080p Camera You Will Love It

Do you want to keep your home under surveillance at all times but don’t want to invest in a complete surveillance system? Then you are in the right place, because it is no longer necessary to spend too much to have very good quality surveillance cameras.

Do you want to know how? Well, take a look at the Yi Home 1080p, a fantastic IP camera with which you can monitor your home from your mobile for only € 25.

The Yi Home Full HD is a great surveillance camera, very easy to set up and compatible with Alexa


One of the things that IP technology has brought to surveillance systems is how easy it can be to set up a camera. Gone is spending hours laying cables and configuring DVRs or NVRs to work.

With the Yi Cloud camera, everything is just a few taps away , since from its application you can configure everything and start recording in a few minutes. In fact, it is almost as simple as plugging in, connecting to the Internet, pairing with the app on your Android and voila.

But that’s not the only thing that stands out, as this IP camera also has fantastic image quality. The Yi Home 1080p is capable of recording videos in Full HD quality at 20 FPS very clearly, even in adverse lighting conditions. How do you do it? Because it also has infrared night recording , so you will never stop recording.

Its viewing angle isn’t a problem either, because the Yi Home 1080p has a wide-angle sensor with a 112-degree view . In this way, there will be no corner of your room that is left uncovered, and you can forget about blind spots.

Does it include other features? Of course, otherwise its current price would not be so great. In addition to the above, the Yi Cloud camera also has:

  • Two-way audio with a microphone so you can hear what is happening at home and a speaker so you can communicate with your family.
  • Local storage via micro SD up to 128 GB, and cloud storage (by subscription).
  • Crying detector for children , so it serves as a baby monitor.
  • Intelligent motion sensor with human detection.
  • Voice control and compatibility with Alexa devices .
  • Immediate sending of notifications to your mobile .
  • Customizable alerts .

How can you get the Yi Home 1080p for so little money?

Yi Home 1080p for so little money

Reading all its features it is not difficult to imagine that an IP camera like this could be quite expensive. However, with the Yi Home this does not happen, since it is extremely economical. Amazon has it for sale for just 25 euros , an incredible bargain with which you will surely consider taking several.

Also, there is something we haven’t told you. While the Yi Home 1080p is signed as a Yi Cloud product, the truth is that this company has Xiaomi behind it . We don’t have to tell you what that means, do we? Well, we will do it anyway: it is a surveillance camera manufactured to the highest quality standards.