DJI Action 2 review, the super compact modular action camera – RB

DJI Action 2 review, the super compact modular action camera – RB

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DJI Action 2 review, the super compact modular action camera – RB

DJI Action 2 review, the super compact modular action camera – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. DJI Action 2 review, the super compact modular action camera – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

DJI Action 2 review, the super compact modular action camera – RB

For lovers of outdoor sports, lovers of skiing, cycling, but also water activities, one of the essential accessories is the action cam , which allows you to resume your exploits in all possible conditions, in our video review today we present the latest star category, DJI Action 2 .

To this day, Action Cam has always had a name, GoPro. Many have tried to undermine this record, but in the end no one has ever questioned it. Even just the fact that the entire segment is identified with the name of the company, tells us that the success recorded over the years has been sensational.

Today DJI tries to compete again, with a product that has many arrows in its bow, but which stands out above all for one detail in particular, its magnetic attachment for accessories, a simple as well as winning idea. Thanks to the magnetic terminal, it is possible to connect many accessories in a simple and safe way or even “wear” the DJI action 2, again thanks to a magnetic solution, to offer a very useful first-person view for those who vlogging.

DJI Action 2 connettore Photo source: MisterGadget.Tech

Enhanced structure

The structure of DJI Action 2 is reinforced , built to withstand shocks and exposure to water and dust, thanks to the IP certification 68 , which guarantees its resistance in case of immersion up to 1.5 meters deep. One important thing must be specified: only the action camera is water proof , while there is no protection for any accessories connected, neither the battery pack, nor the second screen. To use DJI Action 2 in the water, when connected to its accessories, the underwater case must be purchased, which is a separate device.

We also underline another rather curious detail: it is not possible to load the DJI action camera if it is not connected to one of those accessories: rather unique idea that there is no direct connection to the action cam: even the memory expansion is hooked to the accessories, probably in order not to compromise waterproofing.

DJI Action 2 Photo source: MisterGadget.Tech

Simple control from the display

The control of DJI Action 2 is done in a simple way, with the touch of the screen that allows you to navigate in the menu. You can select the quality of the shots, the type of stabilization and the definition. You also choose the zoom that can go up to 4X, but in that case the quality of the videos is not exactly at the top.

videos similar to those shot on tracks. When you attach DJI Action 2 to a bicycle, or perhaps on the helmet with which you are skiing, the images are of excellent quality, even if sometimes they suffer a little from strong contrasts.

DJI Action 2 schermo

The video quality

The DJI Action 2 action camera is capable of shooting images up to 4K with 120 frames per second, obviously it is also able to shoot in slow motion and time-lapse, which in this case are called Hyperlapse.

Overall, in any case, the images are of good quality: it’s just a pity that DJI has given up the option of the interchangeable lens, which instead was on the first DJI Action, because with an action cam it is not excluded to ruin an exposed part. , as the main lens. In this case, however, it is not possible to replace the lens alone in case of problems.

DJI action 2

A phenomenal application

But what can make the difference is the use of the application DJI Mimo , which allows you to control the footage from your smartphone (or tablet) but also to edit videos with the use of artificial intelligence and the result is really very interesting. There are many models available for assembly, which increase and improve over time and are used with very few clicks.

The battery lasts about an hour with the camera alone, if you attach an external battery module you get to about 3 hours, with the extra display instead you accumulate a duration that it reaches about two and a half hours, but the autonomy is closely linked to the definition you choose to use: the higher the definition the less the battery lasts.

Speaking of accessories that change autonomy, we can advise you to be careful when purchasing DJI Action 2, if you decide to buy one, because it is more convenient to choose a “combo” version, which already includes the required accessory, rather than making a subsequent purchase of the add-on module, the cost of the accessories is a bit high.

Will DJI be able to compete with GoPro? There are many elements involved, but the potential is there, starting with quality. To you the choice.