Will discord shut down in 2021?
The message began: “Dear discord members, discord is supposed to close Jun 6, 2021 because it has become too populated…” … Over 250 million people use Discord, so the idea of the app shutting down probably isn’t the best news.

Is discord really shutting down?

The good news is that Discord isn’t shutting down any time in the near future. The creators and the Discord team haven’t sent any official message to users giving any indication that they’ll be closing Discord at any point.

Discord stuck on connecting 

Check For Outage Problems. The first thing you can do when Discord is stuck on connecting is to check whether there are any current outage problems. If the Discord server is undergoing problems, you won’t be able to get past the connecting screen. Visit status.discordapp.com to see the current server status. FixHere

Discord Down: Fix stuck on grey screen & Infinite loading

Starting up Discord just to see a grey screen or an infinite loading screen? Well, this video is a good solution for most issues that cause this! After following this video, you should be able to use Discord as normal.

  1. Explanation
  2. Close ALL Discord processes
  3. Completely uninstalling Discord
  4. Flush DNS
  5. Check & Update time
  6. Download & Install Discord
  7. Setting Keybinds and more

How to Fix Discord Not Connecting Errors

Here are all of the best ways to get around the Discord connecting error message and disconnection problems sorted from easiest to advanced.

  1. Check Discord’s status. Discord, or some of its services, may be down. You can check the current status of Discord at any time via DiscordStatus.com.

    Unfortunately, the only thing you can do in this scenario is wait.

  2. Check your internet connection. It’s possible that your smartphone may be out of range or that your internet service could be down. Quickest way to do this is to open another app that needs an internet connection such as Facebook or Twitter and see if they’re working properly.

  3. Disable Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode can disable all cellular and internet connections so you may have accidentally turned Airplane mode on or it might still be on after a recent flight.

  4. Temporarily disable Wi-Fi. Your iPhone or Android smartphone may be connected to a dead Wi-Fi signal. Disable Wi-Fi to use your cellular network and see if that helps you connect to Discord.

  5. Properly close the app and reopen it. Quit the Discord app, wait a few seconds, and then reopen it. This can create a new connection to Discord that may work.

  6. Update the Discord app. If your app is giving you a Discord not connecting error, it may need an update so that it can connect to the Discord servers.

  7. Update your operating system. A system update can often fix any internet connectivity errors in addition to making your device more secure and efficient.

  8. Restart your device. It’s a simple fix but one that’s known to get rid of a wide variety of technical issues including connectivity ones.

  9. Check the third-party service. If you’re having problems with Discord not connecting to another service such as Spotify, Xbox, or Twitch, open Connections via the main app menu and check that the link to the account has been made properly. You may need to add the connection again. It’s also possible that the service could be experiencing a temporary server outage. Their official Twitter account should tell you if such a thing is happening.

    If you’re unable to call upon an external service or feature while in a Discord chat, it’s entirely possible that the specific chat you’re using may simply not support connections to the service you want. A full list of the supported chatbot commands should be available within your community’s Faq, About, or Welcome topic.

  10. Troubleshoot the Discord app. If you’re using Windows 10, right-click on the Discord app’s icon in File Explorer and select Troubleshoot compatibility. This will scan your device and the app’s files for any errors and attempt to fix them.

    You can also run a variety of other troubleshooters for internet and connectivity in Windows 10 via Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

  11. Disable proxy server settings. Using a proxy server can disrupt a connection to Discord. On Windows, make sure Use a proxy server is turned off in Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy. On an iPhone or iPad, turn proxy off in Settings > Wi-Fi > HTTP Proxy > Configure Proxy. On Android, go to Settings > Wi-Fi > network name > Modify Network > Advanced Options. On Mac, Apple > System Preferences > Network > network name > Advanced > Proxies.

  12. Turn off your VPN settings. Using a VPN internet connection can also affect Discord so try turning it off temporarily on your device.

  13. Change your DNS servers. Set the Preferred DNS Server to and the Alternate DNS Server to and check if this fixes the Discord not connecting bug.

    If this doesn’t work, make sure to change your DNS server settings back to the way they were before.

  14. Uninstall and reinstall Discord. If Discord is still stuck on the connecting screen, try deleting the app from your device and reinstalling it.

    None of your conversations will be lost as long as you use the same account to log in with once you reinstall it.

  15. Try the web version of Discord. If all else fails, you may still be able to access Discord via its website which can be used in any web browser. If the web version also doesn’t work, the problem is most definitely to do with Discord itself and you’ll just need to wait for it to come back online.

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