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Direct / Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna (final result 82-85): breathtaking derby!

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Breathtaking final for the Bolognese derby in the Serie A1 basketball championship. In the end Virtus Bologna maintains the advantage at home to Fortitudo by winning 82-85, but the hosts have come close to a great comeback after falling 11 at the end of the third quarter. With 30 ”from the end, Fortitudo moved to -1 on 82-83, then Virtus had the last word and overcame the great fear. 17 personal points for Hackett among the guests but the best scorer of the game is Bendzius, who with his 19 points led Fortitudo to fight to the end. (adj. by Fabio Belli)


There live Of Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna it is the one that will be broadcast on Rai Sport + and Rai Sport, and therefore free-to-air for everyone with mobility guaranteed by the Rai Play website and app. The alternative appointment is on Discovery Plus, which from this season is the official broadcaster of the Basketball League: the vision will be in live streaming video and obviously reserved for subscribers. We remind you that on the official website of the League, which you can find at, you will also find all the useful information on the match, especially the play-by-play scoreboard and the boxscore updated in real time. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE STREAMING VIDEO ON RAIPLAY


The Black Vs stretch further and see the finish line banner in the Serie A1 basketball championship challenge at Fortitudo. Derby di Bologna that closes the third quarter with Virtus in the lead 57-68, compared to the interval the host advantage rises from +3 to +11 with Virtus who tore at 50-58 and left Fortitudo at a distance, with 15 points for Procida and 13 for Benzing while for the Black Vs the 15 points scored by Hackett definitely make the difference. (adj. by Fabio Belli)


At half-time the Serie A1 basketball derby in Bologna sees the distances between Fortitudo Bologna and Virtus Bologna shorten, with the V Blacks now only 3 points ahead at 43-46. 12 points from Hackett and 10 from Hervey for the guests, Fortitudo responds with 13 points from Gabriele Procida who is currently the best scorer of the game. Grand final in the second quarter of the hosts who halved the disadvantage in the last minute after finding themselves down at 38-44. (adj. by Fabio Belli)


Bolognese basketball derby that starts at a high pace with Virtus Bologna who at the end of the first quarter immediately takes 6 points ahead of Fortitudo, 19-25 at the end of the first set with the Black Vs that year torn in the final part, after that the hosts had remained hooked in the score at 18-18. A mini-run of 1-6 allowed Virtus to break away with Daniel Hackett immediately able to make a difference in terms of realization. (adj. by Fabio Belli)


Finally the live broadcast of Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna. Inevitably, every time the derby of the two towers is played, one cannot help but think of the glorious past of these two clubs, which for many years have been a reference point for Italian and European basketball and have seen extraordinary champions pass by. Of course today the black Vs are returning to have that status, because the signatures of Milos Teodosic (albeit over the years) and then again of Marco Belinelli (idem) and Nico Mannion, combined with the two above, suggest that Segafredo has finally put herself back in the center of the village, as they say, and now many think that the situation of the war in Ukraine will lead to automatic entry into the Euroleague for next season.

However Segafredo wants to return to play in the main European competition for its own merits, and this means at least reaching the Eurocup final that Unics Kazan had denied last year; Taliercio’s victory in the last round of the group brought qualification closer to the round of 16 and therefore everything is proceeding according to plan. At least for now, but in the meantime there is a derby to face and it is never a match like any other: let’s get comfortable and let the floor at PalaDozza, finally the duo of Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna is about to get up! (adj. by Claudio Franceschini)


Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna it will have two new, extra extraordinary protagonists: as mentioned, the black Vs have signed Daniel Hackett and Tornike Shengelia, who until a few days ago were playing together in CSKA Moscow and were among the most representative players of the Russian team. The invasion of Ukraine led to the suspension of Russian teams from the Euroleague (and Eurocup) but before that the foreigners had left en masse: the Georgian Shengelia returned to Spain (in the past he played in Baskonia), Hackett did his family returned to Pesaro and then negotiated the severance pay with CSKA, paying the buyout out of his own pocket.

Now, they both join Virtus Bologna, creating a sensational roster and almost obliged to win everything; if for Hackett it was thought of an emotional return to Pesaro, which however would have been frankly out of budget for Vuelle, on Shengelia the rumors that filter say that the contract is up to the end of the season, and that then there will be a multi-year with the Barcelona. Even so, however, the Segafredo fans cannot complain, in case now all the opponents will have to worry … (adj. By Claudio Franceschini)


Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bolognathe derby in direct from PalaDozza at 8.45pm on Sunday 13 March, the 22nd day of the basketball championship will be played A1 Series 2021-2022. The extraordinary emotions of the derby under the two towers are back: Basket City is rekindled, but tonight’s game is almost a head-and-tail in the standings. In fact, the white-blue Eagle is last together with Vanoli, but be careful because last Saturday took a fundamental victory in Treviso managing in some way to move his situation also and above all from a psychological point of view.

The black Vs, on the other hand, rose from the disappointment of the Italian Cup beating Napoli in the home match, and therefore remained in the wake of Milan in the hope of taking first place in the regular season, even if last year the team showed that they could do without it. The derby is always the derby, so the live Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna will still be a spectacle; while waiting for you to play, let’s try to make some considerations on the issues related to the PalaDozza match.


Great show in the live broadcast of Fortitudo Bologna Virtus Bologna, even if in fact it cannot be forgotten that in recent years these two clubs have been experiencing practically opposite moments, and therefore the derby of the two towers has a profoundly different context than the one we were all too well used to. After the return to Serie A1, the black Vs found in Zanetti a property that he wanted to invest, and which in fact in a short time was able to bring the Scudetto back to the players’ chest; now, just to please, two players have arrived like Daniel Hackett and Tornike Shengelia that to define a luxury is almost to be cautious.

The balance for the fight in Milan may have shifted but the field will have to respond; for its part, Fortitudo Bologna has semi-revolutionized the roster already some time ago, it had to change its coach but despite this it remained at the bottom of the ranking in the company of Cremona, experiencing a situation that if we want is even worse than last year. , if only because two of them are relegated this season. Treviso’s blow was vital, combined with the defeat of Pesaro and the fact that Cremona beat Naples on Wednesday; the race to safety remains very complicated but in the meantime Kigili has beaten the blow, and who knows if a victory in the derby can help even more …