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Denmark conveys France in the “Culinary Olympics” of the Bocuse d’Or

origin 1Danish chef Brian Mark Hansen, center, celebrates with his teammates after winning the ‘Bocuse d’Or’ trophy final in Lyon, France. ©Laurent Cipriani/AP

In this year’s “gastronomic equivalent of the Olympic Games”, the prestigious Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, Denmark beat France on Monday.

More than just a one-off event, the Sirha Bocuse d’Or involves seventy national and 4 continental events over a two-year period, culminating in a final showdown in the French gastronomic capital.

Danish supporters were by far the loudest supporters in the large competition hall inside Sirha, the meeting of the world’s catering trade fair at Eurexpo in Lyon.

Brian Mark Hansen, a 41-year-old chef who officiated in a starred restaurant north of Copenhagen, led the Nordic team to their third victory after the 2019 and 2011 editions.

Hansen thanked his entire team and said he’s been dreaming of this moment for 20 years.

“We give it our all when there’s a lot of noise around,” he said, adding that he trained by playing the soundtrack from previous editions.

Denmark won the jury’s votes in both categories: a ‘children’s menu’ designed around pumpkin and a main course made from monkfish tail, the most impressive piece of the competition.

Defending its title, France was represented by 25-year-old Naïs Pirollet, the only candidate female chef. She finished fifth.

“There’s no sadness, it’s a victory to have come this far,” he said.

“For young people, my participation has had an impact, I hope it sends the message that you have to be daring and that when you have the courage you go forward anyway”.

To find out more, watch the RockedBuzz via Euronews report in the video above.