Dear My Cat

Dear My Cat, enjoy an Animal Crossing style game

Animal Crossing is a game that has been created by school each time a new title has been launched on the market. With the arrival of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Switch and above all, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for Android, there have been sequels with similar game mechanics. One of those sequels is Dear My Cat.

In principle we can only say, until we go into more details, that due to its main idea and its game mechanics, it is a title very similar to what the Android version of Animal Crossing offers, which can make it a very promising alternative.

What is Dear My Cat

It is a virtual pet simulator, where instead of having different integrated animals, what we have are simply cats. Yes, it will only be cats that inhabit this new virtual world that we must build little by little. The beginnings have a certain relationship to the Nintendo ported title.

We woke up in a small field, alone with our cat and with a house. Almost immediately, we already have to build an extension of the map , with a flower garden. Well, our first area is already built, and after improving it so that the flowers grow, the next thing we have to do is build a train station. Thus, new companions will arrive in town. Each character arrives from the train with their own story and personality, which is explained in their description. The more guests we have, the more gold and resources we will produce.

Once the first steps have been taken, the game now lets us do the tasks independently, without the need for a tutorial. The steps to follow will be to improve the areas we have built, take care of the gardens, fish when there is a lake available, invite more friends and with the money generated, build new areas such as lakes or other points of interest and thus expand the island.

Dear My Cat: Similarities to Animal Crossing

It seems to be, from the mechanics, a very simple game. Nothing is further from the truth, the developers have put a lot of work on the visual aspect and the soundtrack. It aims to be a title with a very relaxing gameplay, since that translates into music, with slow melodies although at times it can become too melancholic. However, they leave a very good taste in the mouth.

The thing is not to be stressed by the progress we must make in the game. In the graphic section, we find a development with 3D physics and an artistic style that is very endearing and cheerful to look at, as also reflected in Animal Crossing. The lyrics and the setting make it a very immersive game in your experience.

It is already quite similar to the Nintendo title, that we can also build objects and accessories to give to the rest of the inhabitants of the growing island. Similarly, the game has day and night cycles, as well as different weather stations. The more areas we expand and the more points of interest we build, the more interactions we will be able to see from these endearing felines. How could it be otherwise, it is a title that contains integrated purchases to facilitate the process or acquire exclusive objects.

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