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Dare to wear original vintage clothes!

Hello everyone, here is another excellent article from RockedBuzz.. Dare to wear original vintage clothes! Vintage is very fashionable. Decoration returned, cars or cars, music, living a more leisurely life and of course, also fashion and clothing.

Photo by Aral Tasher on Unsplash

It may be that fashion always comes back or perhaps we are becoming a little more aware of the quality of what we wear or we simply like the style. Whatever the options, there are thousands of ideas and outfits that you can start to combine.

We leave you here current inspirations and from those years to dress vintage!

2000 baby

The entrance of the new century took radical ideas regarding colors, textures and mixtures. The wide and low-rise pants, accessories such as hats, glasses and scarves stand out. The colors were brighter and stronger than in the previous decade and the use of textures such as feathers and leathers were the latest trend in fashion.

Decade of the ’90

Fashion at this time was mainly highlighted by the use of sports brands, thin glasses or sunglasses, and colorful clothes. We have also been able to see printed t-shirts or t-shirts framing a fairly strong style. Our great muses in these years were Cher and Dionne from the famous television show Clueless .

The 80’s

The 80s made very strong fashions. Not only the music was important, but the clothes and outfits of the eighties are still seen on the streets of the 21st century. Lots of jeans or jeans, baggy T-shirts, padded shoulders, lots of makeup, and voluminous hair were typical for this cycle.


The flower power years had a great impact on the world of fashion. The Hippie movement made the garments completely relaxed, loose and comfortable. As a consequence, the 1970s resulted in high-rise pants, baggy blouses, and trendsetting details. The combinations that were made allowed to play with new styles that invited to break the rules of fashion.


Fashion at this time highlights flirty clothes. They highlight the waist and figure of all women’s sizes, with many flowered fabrics. We can also see the use of materials such as linen and soft tones in the chosen garments.

Although we can use clothes that were properly from that time, many stores have already been inspired by it and have created similar designs. What leaves us in love with this fashion is that it can be perfectly combined with modern clothes and it leaves a very personalized and unique look.

The good thing about this vintage concept is that it is very easy to find old and excellent quality garments. There are many conveniently priced used clothing stores that you can visit with friends. You can also see the closet of your grandmother or mother to find pieces that are really jewels in the world of fashion, you just have to keep an open mind and have a little creativity on how to combine.

Sometimes these clothes may require some repair, but after a few touch-ups, your custom clothing will last a long time. Find the identity of your own style and dare to combine and play with classic and vintage garments.