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Dangerous weather conditions in Europe cause travel disruptions

origin 1Dangerous weather conditions hit Europe disrupting travel ©EV – RockedBuzz via Euronews

United Kingdom

A blanket of snow has blanketed London and parts of the UK causing major travel disruption on roads and at airports, with over 300 flights cancelled.

Temperatures have dropped to minus ten degrees Celsius in some areas in recent days.

There are yellow alerts for snow, fog and frost in several areas including the southeast and southwest of England and the north of Scotland.


Even the snow had an impact Poland with delays and inconveniences on public transport and on the roads.

Meteorologists say the country will be in the throes of freezing conditions as temperatures drop from minus 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, possibly reaching minus 20.


The cold snap inside Estonia it meant that there were more than ten thousand homes without electricity on Monday afternoon.

Flights were cancelled, trains were delayed and ferries were disrupted by high winds.

Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia

Meanwhile in the northwest area of Bosnia Herzegovina and in Croatia too, heavy rains over the weekend caused rivers to overflow, flooding dozens of homes.

A body has been discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina after a landslide buried a section of road.