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“Dangerous environment to be in”

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BÅSTAD / STOCKHOLM. Kosovo Asllani shares harsh criticism against their former club Real Madrid.

The Swedish star calls the big club “a dangerous environment”.

– I think it’s important for me to talk because no one else has, says Asllani.

Kosovar Asllani left Real Madrid when his contract expired after last season.

Last week Sportbladet was able to reveal that Asllani is close to moving to Milan and on Thursday she commented on the information herself.

– It’ll come out. I’m not without a club, she says cryptically.

– I have visited more than one club. It feels good, so you have to wait and see.

Was it important to prepare it before the European Championships?

– I’ve always felt it and I had time to choose. I’ve always been based on what I want and not on what others expect me to do. So I feel good about myself.

How many options did you have?

– Much. What matters most is what I feel and where I want to be. There have been many alternatives, from different countries. I landed in something that makes me feel good.

Asllani’s harsh criticism of Real Madrid

At the same time, Asllani also reveals how she was chosen to leave Real Madrid when her contract expires.

– In fact, there were a lot of different factors. It’s hard to go into detail here, but it’s very much about the fact that I think there is a culture in the club, which unfortunately has been created, which I would call an unhealthy environment that the players are in, that I myself have been in, where I , among other things, I was almost forced to play injured and I received no help, says Asllani and continues:

– Management doesn’t listen to doctors and in the end it was a decision I had to make if I wanted a longer career. It has become a very unhealthy and dangerous environment for players.

Asllani also explains why he now chooses to talk about Real Madrid’s problems.

– I think I have done a lot for the club from the start. Since then, I’ve seen over the years that they haven’t treated players well. I think it’s important for me to speak up because no one else has and if you want to bring about change. I have tried it from the very first moment I was in the club.

full screen Kosovar Asllani directs harsh criticism of Real Madrid. Photo: RICARDO LARREINA / IMAGO

“It’s not just about me”

Kosovar Asllani says it’s no coincidence that she was pulled out last season due to injury problems.

– You are constantly pushed to play injured or play ill. It is not a healthy environment. I really care about the club, but I feel it’s simply in the wrong hands, he says.

Asllani was considering leaving Real Madrid last summer.

– But I thought I’d give him one last chance. It’s a great club that I wanted to help succeed. I have been an important part of their history and I have done a lot for them but unfortunately it is an environment that is not healthy.

What do you think of the players who have remained in the environment?

– I wish them the best. I hope the environment changes, I think there are many who choose to run above the medical team because they see us as players as products and not as people and as players who will have long careers. You want results now, now, now, but then it affects the health of the players.

Jakobsson: “See what happened”

Sofia Jakobsson left Real Madrid last summer and has not suffered the same problems as Asllani.

– I have kept myself fairly free from injuries so I have not been there but I have seen what happened around. I saw what happened during my time, although I wasn’t affected as I kept myself harmless, says Jakobsson.

She had higher expectations of Real Madrid when she joined the club.

– It was hoped that they would take care of their players and want them to be injury free and able to perform at the absolute top. That they should be able to be one hundred percent before matches instead of being half injured and forced to play.

full screen Kosovare Asllani. Photo: NICLAS JÖNSSON / BILDBYRÅN