Athletic Bilbao is also reluctant to sign the agreement The former FC Barcelona player, Leo Messi. Photo: Reuters CVC Capital Partners has set a condition for LaLiga to enter the competition and win the 10% of business in exchange for 2. 700 millions of euros.

Although the agreement has already been approved unanimously by the Executive Committee and Now a simple majority is enough in the assembly to be held next week, the fund has demanded the president of the employer, Javier Tebas, have the support of the big clubs to close the operation. And that is something that, right now, is not so clear.

Faced with Tebas for the launch of the European Super League, Real Madrid considers that Tebas has negotiated with its back to the clubs, mortgaging its business and, therefore, its assets, So he has already shown a strong rejection of the operation and is willing to go to court if necessary. In fact, according to the sources consulted by this newspaper, those of Chamartín would already be preparing a lawsuit to try to stop the agreement . The position of FC Barcelona is not so clear because although in principle it could benefit, since the capital injection would close the contract for the renewal of Messi, something that has not finally happened, it is not satisfied with the agreement and, like It has happened with the Super League, he could side with Madrid.

His stance, in fact, it is key, because it could tip the balance one way or the other. Among the others, the only one that seems more reluctant is Athletic Club de Bilbao, which, with a more healthy financial situation than the rest, according to the sources consulted, would also not be clear about the need to sell a part of the business to CVC Capital Partners. According to the terms of the agreement sealed by LaLiga , of the 2. 700 million that the fund would inject into the competition, 2. 430 millions would go directly to the clubs, including also women’s and non-professional football, from the hand of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Of this last amount, a 100% would go to infrastructures and the development of the competition itself; other 15% for debt refinancing and other 15% to signings. Tebas intends with the agreement to boost LaLiga against other international competitions, such as the British Premier or the German Bundesliga and, in fact, Real Madrid and Barça would each receive more than 260 million euros if the contract is signed.


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