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Braided hairstyles continue their popularity. Braided hair, which has not been out of our lives for 2 years, is seen everywhere this season. If you are looking for different and cool braid models instead of classic models, you are in the right place. Thanks to these braid models, all eyes will be on their hair, tell us!

Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet Hair Styles

Hair is one of the most important accessories for us women. Our mood changes according to the hair color, shape and model, we take on a different appearance. However, in order for our hair to look both beautiful and well-groomed, there is no need to go to the hairdresser every day and we do not have time to spare for it. That’s why I usually try to show and describe models that you can easily make yourself at home. Because no matter how busy a woman is, no matter how busy her life is, she can always be stylish and well-groomed. Most of the suggestions I offer in this context are hair braiding models that you can easily do at home in 10-15 minutes.

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Below is the inspiration you are looking for for more bold and practical Crochet Hair Styles, especially the bottom braid trend that makes a modern turn from the corn fields to the present. For your own inspiration, we have listed the feminine and elegant braid hairstyles of our favorite celebrities on the red carpet and in daily life.

Therefore, instead of gathering your long hair in moments of time shortage and going out, you can give a green light to the braids and reinforce your elegance. Of course, there are life-saving models for those with short hair.

Cara Delevingne’s Underwire

Crochet Hair Styles 1

Cara Delevigne’s choice of this beauty look for an invitation he attended at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York inspired us as well. You can easily try the thin braid that you prefer to add movement to the hair that is separated from the side, at home.

First of all, let’s start from the superb braids that I learned by watching videos, namely French Braids.

French Braids

French Braiding is easier to make than other knitting types.

African hair braiding styles pictures 2020

1. Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet Hair Styles

2. Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet Hair Styles

3. Crochet Hair Styles

Long Sisterlocks Next, we have another chic and easy to wear hairstyle. Here we have long sisterlocks. The locs have a side part and look effortlessly stylish. With sisterlocks like these, you can wear them loose like this, put into a bun, ponytail or even a half-up style.

Crochet Hair Styles

4. Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet Hair Styles

5. Crochet Hair Styles

When the temperature drops, a sleek braid, like the ones these celebs are sporting, can add some much-needed oomph to your look.

Crochet Hair Styles

6. Crochet Hair Styles

And it’s not just a bunch of cornrows and box braids.

Crochet Hair Styles

7. Crochet Hair Styles

Passion twists are the latest trend in braided hairstyles for black women. And for good reason. Passion twists, or spring twists as some may call them, are absolutely gorgeous. Looking for a braided hairstyle or twisted hair style to wear as a protective style? Consider these totally stunning curly twists as an alternative to Senegalese.

Crochet Hair Styles

8. Crochet Hair Styles

Director Ava DuVernay’s breakthrough 2014 film, Selma, earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director, the first for a female African-American auteur. The Compton-raised filmmaker is now helming television shows like Queen Sugar and the upcoming big budget fantasy film, A Wrinkle in Time.

Crochet Hair Styles

9. Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet Hair Styles

10. Crochet Hair Styles

Crochet Hair Styles

African hair braiding styles pictures 2020

Back in the early 1990’s you could find crochet braids hairstyles on plenty of African American women on the block. Get long wavy hair fast.

1. African hair braiding style

African hair braiding style

2. African hair braiding style


3. African hair braiding style

Yaki hair is super cute with a high ponytail for black woman, Brand Name Arabella Hair Hair Texture Yaki Straight Human Hair Type Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, Indian Hair, Malaysian Hair Density 210% Hair Length 10-30 Inch Cap Size Average Size (Head circumference: 54cm-58cm ) Lace Wig Type 13×6 Inch Lace Hair Color Natural Black Shipping Shipped with in 24-48 hours,3-5 Bussiness days arrive


4. African hair braiding style

We asked beauty insiders with major stamps on their passports to share the coolest haircuts and styles worn around the world.


5. African hair braiding style


6. African hair braiding style


7. African hair braiding style


8. African hair braiding style

Bored of the way you typically wear your braided ponytail? African hair braiding style ! To give you some hair inspiration, we’ve found 20 of the best styles for 2020!


9. African hair braiding style


10. African hair braiding style

Hair Material: 18 Inch Water Wave for Passion Twist Hair,made with 100% high quality low temperature Kanekalon synthetic fiber.


11. African hair braiding style

Hair Advantages: Our passion twist hair is Super Soft


12. African hair braiding style

These are the latest tribal braids hairstyles that you need to try if you are thinking about getting a new protective style!


13. African hair braiding style

We’re absolutely obsessed with these hairstyles with beads. Check out the most gorgeous pics on Instagram inside.


14. African hair braiding style

Ghana braids hairstyles for kids also recognized as cornrows, plus they are an excellent option for any Ghanaian kids who are looking to dress a protective hairstyle.

African hair braiding style

15. African hair braiding style

African hair braiding style

16. African hair braiding style

These are the latest tribal braids hairstyles that you need to try if you are thinking about getting a new protective style!

African hair braiding style

17. African hair braiding style

African hair braiding style

18. African hair braiding style

It’s another weekend and possibility of new braid hair style is there.

African hair braiding style

19. African hair braiding style

Gone are the days when everyone’s braids looks the same. Nowadays, there are so many varieties of box braids popping up all over the place, it’s almost hard to keep up. You might have heard about bohemian box braids and are wondering what they are and how to achieve the look.

African hair braiding style

20. African hair braiding style

African hair braiding style

Crochet hair styles for kids

1. Crochet hair styles for kids


2. Crochet hair styles for kids

Crochet hair styles for kids

3. Crochet hair styles for kids

It’s that time again! I know school is going to be very different this year with Covid-19, but our little darlings still need their hair done. Whether you are doing virtual school or sending kids.

Crochet hair styles for kids

4. Crochet hair styles for kids


5. Crochet hair styles for kids


6. Crochet hair styles for kids

From summer camp to the beach, these styles are perfect for kids.


7. Crochet hair styles for kids


7. Crochet hair styles for kids

Crochet hair styles for kids with Mommy

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