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Creative Muvo Go review: The focus is on the high-end frequencies

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At first sight

Expert assessment


Superior high frequency clarity IPX7 rated for water protection Classy industrial design Supports TWS (True Wireless Stereo, if you add a second speaker)


Not much thud Lacks aux input and a microSD card slot Cannot charge other devices or be used as a speakerphone

Our verdict

Creative’s beautiful IPX7 water-resistant Muvo Go Bluetooth speaker delivers high-end with unusual clarity and volume, but it lacks thump and doesn’t offer increasingly common features like an aux input or microSD card slot.

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There are plenty of waterproof (to the point of submersible) Bluetooths in the $80 price range that the Creative Muvo Go competes in. None boast a more attractive industrial design or produce clearer sound, but this one is a bit lightweight in terms of both bass response and ancillary characteristics.

This review is part of TechHive’s in-depth coverage best bluetooth speakers.

How is the Creative Muvo Go designed?

The Muvo Go is a flattened cylinder measuring 2.4″ x 8.03″ x 2.87″ (HxWxD). It comes in three color combinations: black with orange highlights, blue with lime/yellow highlights, and green with the same accent colors. It features two 45mm full-range drivers with passive radiators at each end. Weighs approximately 1.25 lbs.

It’s a slimline portable speaker that fits neatly in a backpack or any similar carrying case. I would also argue that it is one of the best looking speakers in its class. The exterior of the unit is split between hard and grating material, with the majority of the surface area made up of the latter. There’s also a thick, cheap lanyard, which on our test unit was already tied to an anchor point on the back of the speaker.

origin 1The Muvo Go is simplicity itself when it comes to controls: (from right to left) volume up, volume down and play/pause buttons.

Multi-function controls are split between the top and back of the case: volume up, volume down, and play/pause buttons on the front; Bluetooth/TWS on the back next to the single USB-C port to recharge the on-board battery. Unusually, said port doesn’t have a weather cap – it’s simply waterproof as-is. Creative includes a 4-foot USB-A to USB-C cable for charging.

The Muvo Go falls short in terms of amenities: A Bluetooth 5.3 connection is the only way to play music on this speaker. There is no analog 3.5mm aux input and no microSD card slot for playing music from flash memory. And without a built-in microphone, the speaker can’t be used as a speakerphone. Finally, you can’t touch the speaker’s built-in battery to charge another device, like your smartphone, because there’s no USB-A port for that purpose.

Each of these missing features has become pretty standard fare for Bluetooth speakers in this price range. However, I wouldn’t call the absence of any of them a deal breaker; you should just be aware, especially if you’re switching to the Muvo Go from another speaker.

Creative powers the Muvo Go with a 2600mAh battery that the company claims will facilitate playback for up to 18 hours at modest volume. With no RGB lighting burdening the power cell, I’m inclined to believe that statement. The time for a full charge is 4.5 hours.

Note that I’ve heard from some users that the reload times are often optimistic. I am. The manufacturers assume that you are recharging with a sufficiently powerful charger or computer port. Charge anything using a low power port and it will take much longer.

Does the Creative Muvo Go sound good?

I was quite impressed with the Muvo Go’s high-end clarity, but this is a small speaker and doesn’t put out much bass even with its passive radiators. What’s there is musical, but it won’t get the party started with pure thump-itude.

That said, the Movo Go gets downright loud. Its integrated amplifier delivers a full 20 watts RMS average (40 watts peak power); in fact, it was annoyingly loud when I first turned it on just a foot away from me. Be careful if you buy one (the creative should consider turning down the speaker’s default volume setting).

origin 1You’ll only find a USB-C charging port plus power and Bluetooth buttons on the back of the Creative Muvo Go.

Stereo separation was better than I expected to hear from a single physical unit, and was excellent when paired with a second Muvo Go sent in by Creative (the speaker supports TWS: True Wireless Stereo). speakers always they sound best in a stereo pair. This is a fact.

Note that the Muvo Go’s sound is directional, as are most small speakers. You’ll want to place the speaker flat with the power button at the back (that is, facing away from you) for the most sonic results. In general, you should use whatever means available (wedges, stands, or whatever) to position the speakers so they’re pointing at your ears for the best sound.

Battery life was on track to meet Creative’s claims. I played the Muvo Go for a good 8 hours with no sign of giving up the ghost.

The Creative Muvo Go is good, but the competition is fierce

The Creative Muvo Go is a good speaker best suited for listening at moderate volume levels, despite its ability to get loud. It’s also good looking, very portable, and able to withstand a dunk in the drink. That said, competitors like the Earfun Uboom L and the Tronsmart T7 they offer all of these things plus deeper bass and many other non-essential features that are still nice to have.