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Covid, the Omicron variant resists surfaces longer

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Omicron is more resistant on surfaces. The study on the Covid-19 variant was conducted in Hong Kong.

A study showed that the infamous Omicron variant it can last much longer on surfaces. Several times of the studies conducted on the Covid and the surfaces have been defined irrelevant as the percentages were low. In the case of this variant, however, the percentages increased significantly.

Covid, the Omicron variant has greater resistance on surfaces

The research was conducted by University of Hong Kong, in China. The so-called were observed provided, that is, inanimate objects that can transmit the virus once they have been attacked by it. The study focused on multiple types of surfaces. The researchers noted that the Omicron variant was found to be more resistant in all cases observed.

The results of the study

The materials analyzed by the scientists are: stainless steel, plastic, glass and porous surfaces. On the first material, the Omicron variant, two days after the start of the experiment was present at 14.18%, against 0.09% of the Wuhan virus. In the second case, again after two days, Omicron was present 8.4% versus 0.14% of the first strain. In the third case Omicron was present 6.13% versus 0.1% of the original stock.

Low percentages were instead observed on porous surfaces, where the virus dies more quickly.

Researchers’ advice

The researchers who conducted this study, in addition to the usual recommendation of wash your hands oftenthey also recommended to thoroughly disinfect the surfacesas to be infected by Omicron even just the aforementioned fomites and not just direct contact with a positive person are enough.