Covid parental leave extended to March 31: how to apply – RB

Covid parental leave extended to 31 March: how to apply – RB

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Covid parental leave extended to 31 March: how to apply – RB

Covid parental leave extended to 31 March: how to apply – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Covid parental leave extended to 31 March: how to apply – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Covid parental leave extended to 31 March: how to apply – RB

The parental leave for causes related to Covid was extended at the end of March (quarantine or illness of the children or suspension of ‘face-to-face teaching activity). The INPS has made the extension operational, contextual to the state of emergency and has provided the instructions to apply.

All workers, both employees and self-employed persons enrolled in the separate management and special Inps management are concerned.

Covid parental leave, who can request it

Covid parental leave is recognized:

to workers enrolled in the separate management with an indemnity equal to 50% of 1 / 365 of the income identified with the same calculation used for the maternity allowance; to self-employed workers with an allowance equal to 50% of the conventional daily wage established annually by law (for 2021 equal to 48, 98 $) and related on the basis of the type of work performed. The leave can be used both daily and hourly, but in any case the two parents will not be able to benefit from it on the same days, except for children with severe disabilities.

Parental leave Covid, how it gets paid

For the periods of abstention enjoyed, an indemnity equal to 803 is recognized % of salary or income depending on the job category of the parent requesting the leave and the periods are covered by notional contribution .

Unpaid leave for parents with children from 14 to 16 years

Always in continuity with the previous decrees, the possibility of unpaid abstention from work , and without figurative contribution, is also provided but with prohibition of dismissal and right to keep the job, for workers with children from 14 to 16 years.

The related requests for abstention from work must be submitted only to the employers and not to the INPS.

Covid parental leave, how to apply

The application to take advantage of Covid parental leave must be submitted exclusively electronically, through one of the following channels:

through the Institute’s web portal in the field of services ” Maternity and parental leave for employees, self-employed , separate management “, with second level SPID, electronic identity card or National Services Card; through the integrated Contact center; by calling the toll-free number 803. 164; through the Institutes of Patronage. The period within which you intend to take advantage of the Covid parental leave hours – 19 must be contained within a calendar month . Therefore, in the event that the period within which it is intended to take advantage of the hours of “SARS CoV-2 parental leave” is between two or more months, two or more applications must be submitted.

Covid parental leave, the procedure

After having entered the personal information it is necessary: ​​

in the page ” Request type “select” Request for one of the leaves established for COVID emergency – 19 “; tick the leave request in the section “SARS CoV-2 parental leave ( DL n. 146 of 21 / 10 / 2021) “,; indicate the reason for the leave and information relating to certifications / attestations / provision; proceed with the acquisition and request a period covered by the certification (if present ), from the beginning of the school year 2021 / 2022 until the 31 March 2022. To request ordinary parental leave in daily mode it is necessary to check the option ” Request for parental leave “, while for the hourly mode click on the option” Request for leave on an hourly basis “.