Covid, is the death toll wrong? How many are they really – RB

Covid, is the number of deaths wrong? How many are they really – RB

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Covid, is the death toll wrong? How many are they really – RB

Covid, is the number of deaths wrong? How many are they really – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Covid, is the death toll wrong? How many are they really – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Covid, is the death toll wrong? How many are they really – RB

There have been at least 5 and a half million deaths from the Covid pandemic. The data official , which however could be vastly underestimated. Records of excess mortality in many countries, an indicator of how many deaths occur compared to expected, show that there would have been many more victims of the coronavirus. It’s hard to say how many. It is in fact a much more complex job than adding together the excesses of mortality of individual nations.

This is because many official data are false , and that for well 100 states are not available reliable and timely statistics in this sense . This is revealed by various studies and models which are discussed in an article published in the scientific journal Nature , which highlights both the lack of reliability of official data and the difficulties that researchers are facing in calculating the actual victims of Covid.

Covid, the number of deaths is wrong ? Because even the estimates are wrong

Italian Giacomo De Nicola, a statistician from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, discovered with his team that comparing the deaths that occurred during the pandemic with the average mortality of previous years is not a good indicator . In fact, it leads to constantly underestimating the number of expected deaths, and therefore overestimating the deaths in excess.

The reason? An increase in national mortality on an annual basis. The crude figure in Germany would be 5% more deaths in 2020 compared to , but the work of De Nicola’s team has reduced this value to only 1%. And this could have happened in many other countries.

Covid, is the death toll wrong? The World Mortality Dataset model

There are more sophisticated types of analysis . Like the estimate of Ariel Karlinsky and Dmitry Kobak, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Israel, and of the University of Tübingen, in Germany. The two researchers developed a model that takes into account the causes of mortality before and during the pandemic, from 2015 to 2021.

Their World Mortality Dataset highlights, for example, that only in Russia, where they are officially counted 300 thousand deaths from the Covid pandemic, there would have actually been more than 1 million deaths from coronavirus-related causes. In Mexico the deaths due to the pathogen would be more than a third of the total.

Covid, is the number of deaths wrong? Even more than four times the official figures

Academics and journalists are using a wide range of methodologies to try to understand how many deaths there have been from the pandemic we are experiencing. They range from satellite images of cemeteries, to door-to-door surveys, up to the artificial intelligence , which on the basis of the data provided by the programmers, he independently realizes the projections.

While the World Health Organization is still working to develop a plausible global estimate, there are many institutions offering independent daily updates. Such as the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle , which detects between 9 million and 18 million of deaths caused by the pandemic.

There are also unexpected cases, such as The Economist magazine in London. The British economic political news weekly used a machine learning approach of artificial intelligence to arrive at a projection that there would be between 12 and 22 million of excess deaths globally. So over four times the official balance sheet of the Covid pandemic.

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