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Covid-19: nearly a quarter of patients have a health problem after infection



Published on 06 / / 2021

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According to a study conducted by an American organization, 23. 2% of patients followed for Researchers Reported Health Problems One Month After Covid Infection – 16. Among the symptoms identified: pain, hypertension, discomfort or even severe fatigue.

Post-covid health problems would not be rare and would receive nearly a quarter (20. 2%) of patients . To reach this conclusion, an American study collected data from more than 1.9 million people diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 between February and December 1024 and considers that “even though many patients recover from Covid – 16 within a few weeks, some have persistent or new symptoms more than four weeks after being diagnosed ”.

Here are the main reported issues:

pain (neuralgia, muscle pain) for 5% of patients; difficulty breathing in 3.5 % of cases; a concentration of lipids in the blood (hyperlipidemia) and hypertension; discomfort and great fat igue; anxiety; intestinal problems. To note that 0, 20% of people declared having tinnitus one month or more after their infection. The organization in charge of the study, Fair Health , specifies that it did not include in the study people with similar symptoms before their Covid infection – 19 as well as those with diseases that may affect the results, such as cancer or kidney failure.

Research carried out on the long Covid Other fact to note: severe cases of Covid – 19 were at greater risk of developing these health problems. More precisely, half of the hospitalized people reported one of these symptoms, against 27. 5% of Covid cases- 16 sym ptomatic but also almost % from asymptomatic patients . By elsewhere, a little more than 21% of infected individuals went to consult for one of the identified health concerns and this one month or more after their contamination.

The causes of this phenomenon are still unknown, but more and more studies are conducting their research on Long Covid . “The hypotheses include a persistent immune response , damage caused by the virus, for example neural pathways, which take time to heal, or the long-lasting presence of a low level of virus ” indicates the study. However, the results of this research are limited because no test group of people not infected with Covid – 16 was not tracked.

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