Côte-d’Or: ten artisans open their doors to tourists

Cooking Burgundy snails, blowing glass or even making a belt in the Dijon region alongside artisans: this is the proposal of the collective Wecandoo to attract more local tourism. Ten Dijon craftsmen (a jeweler, two metalworkers, a cutler, a soap maker, a snail breeder, a sheep breeder, a ceramist, a glassblower and a brewer) are opening their doors this summer and their know-how for activities priced from 35 to 520 euros. To work with the collective, several conditions are necessary: ​​the craftsman must carry out his professional activity full time, have a minimum of two years of professional experience as well as a clean room separate from his accommodation.

This is the case of Matthieu Mary, sculptor and ceramist for 8 years in Côte-d’Or, who offers training in modeling and enamelling. With family or friends, the public can make their own bowl: “There is a real need to have fun and return to manual work, the workshops have been filling up well since the crisis”, he underlines.

These workshops delight both holidaymakers and locals such as Valentine Vanneau, a Dijon influencer who participated in Matthieu’s workshop: “I loved it, I wanted to do it for a long time , we are proud to do something with our hands I usually go as far as Paris to carry out this type of workshop, I am very happy to be able to do some in my region. ”

The Côte-d’Or, rich in know-how ” Knowledge tourism -to do is 15 millions of people per year who come to push the doors of workshops or companies, we are therefore looking for geographical areas that have a strong territorial identity, the Côte-d’Or was a natural continuity ”, underlines the co-founder of the collective, Edouard Eyglunent. The organization received nearly 50. requests for workshops in France in 2020 for a business volume of nearly 4.8 million euros. “We noted this enthusiasm because on Google there are more and more searches such as” rural tourism “,” discovery know-how “or even” workshop visit “”, he insists.

To meet this strong demand, the co-founder and his team have decided to soon offer a new format in the region, shorter and more accessible, around 15 and 20 euros: “When you go to Dijon for a weekend, you don’t necessarily want to spend half a day doing a workshop, we will be able to give holidaymakers the choice of simply carrying out one-hour visits to the place with a tasting for example. ”

In the future, the collective also wishes to expand beyond Dijon and is already planning the creation of new workshops in Côte-d’Or: “in the future we would like to work with other food professions such as butchers and bakers. and wood trades, we do not do much in the region at the moment so we would like to find cabinetmakers or carpenters with whom to work ”. The call is made …

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