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COP15 summit: Deforestation rule welcomed by indigenous leaders

origin 1The United Nations COP15 Biodiversity Summit is underway in Montreal, Canada. ©AFP

Indigenous communities around the world have “enthusiastically” welcomed the new European Union law on deforestation, but are calling for more laws to protect human, land and forest rights.

Once adopted and implemented, the bill will ensure that goods sold in the EU and elsewhere in the world no longer contribute to deforestation.

While the law will make progress, indigenous leaders say, it does not include all ecosystems in the world.

“At least three quarters of the Cerrado biome have been excluded from the obligation,” said Dinamam Tuxam, executive coordinator of the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil.

“Which will impact at least 110 mainly indigenous communities. Traditional people will be directly affected by this law which does not cover all Brazilian biomes.”

Indigenous community leaders are calling for their voices to be “heard” at the UN COP15 meeting in Montreal, Canada.

Climate experts say their territories are home to 80% of the Earth’s remaining biodiversity.