Convert images to PDF; it is possible that on some occasion you need to send an image or text document to a contact, and this the way you want to receive it is in PDF. Android terminals, thanks to their camera, are an excellent option to achieve this, since they become a handheld scanner that can be used in any place and situation. To do this, you need an additional tool in the form of an application, such as PDF cam scanner.

This is a development that has a single objective: to convert the photos you take with your Android device or the images you have in the Gallery into PDF files

In this way, they can be sent easily both by email and by messaging (such as WhatsApp) in a simple way and with excellent compatibility. 

And, all of this is achieved by a fairly simple signature with several virtues and, also, small draw backs that do not detract from its usefulness.

One of the things to know about this job is that its requirements are really low, since for example to run PDF scanner cam you only need Android 4.0 or higher . In what has to do with hardware, we have tested this work with entry-level terminals and the operation is perfect, without execution and stability problems (we did not find any unexpected closure when using all the functions of the application of the one we talked about). Therefore, this job is perfect for all types of users.

Possibilities of PDF scanner cam

As we have indicated, the operation is linear and unique, with two data entry sources that are converted into PDF with high speed and, best of all, reliability. Thus, once the development begins, you simply have to choose the place where the image is, local storage and use of the camera, and make the selection of the photo in question. Once this is done, a process that is fast and effective is started since everything is completed in a matter of seconds.

One thing that is important in the case of using the sensors found in Android smartphones or tablets is that the quality of the camera clearly determines that the sharpness of the PDF is the best possible. Therefore, the better the camera the better the results, and this is something that should be considered especially with the images that are “scanned”.

It is also important to bear in mind that the results obtained are highly compatible , since in the tests carried out we have confirmed that everything we have created with PDF scanner cam can be used on all types of devices (from smartphones to laptops). So much so that we can say that the level that is achieved is 100%. And this is important since it is clear that the application can be used both personally and professionally.

A little editor inside

This is something that we believe is positive, since once the desired image is active, it is possible to edit it with a simple tool that, among other things, makes it possible to make turns; modify the colors; the choice of part of what is seen on screen; and it is even possible to convert it to black and white. This is a nice detail that makes PDF scanner cam much more complete.

Once this is finished , the only thing left to do is confirm the creation of the PDF file with the notice that appears on the screen and, voila, you are done. At this time you just have to check the storage of the Android terminal and locate the new file (which can be shared regularly as it has no restrictions of any kind).

Get PDF scanner cam now

If what you have read is interesting to you, you should know that it is possible to get this application for free in the Galaxy Store. The download process is very simple and completely safe, so it is a good option to have it installed since it does not take up much space on the phone or tablet, something that is positive. A good tool that does its job quite well. Download Galaxy Store PDF Scanner