Cinema and TV series, goodbye to 7 channels from January: what's changing – RB

Cinema and TV series, goodbye to 7 channels from January: what’s changing – RB

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Cinema and TV series, goodbye to 7 channels from January: what’s changing – RB

Cinema and TV series, goodbye to 7 channels from January: what’s changing – RB We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Cinema and TV series, goodbye to 7 channels from January: what is changing – RB Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Cinema and TV series, goodbye to 7 channels from January: what’s changing – RB

There is a famous saying that speaks of the Epiphany as the recurrence that concludes the magical period of Christmas and New Year: on the night of the Befana – that is, the one between 5 and 6 January – “the Epiphany takes all holidays away”. This year, however, there are not only the tree, the crib and the decorations to end up in the attic: the 2022 in fact will also see several TV channels that have been part of the of the general schedule during all these more recent years.

The platform we are talking about is Sky and there will be 7 channels that – starting from next 10 January (and not since last November as initially assumed) – will no longer find space in the decoder of all subscribers of the satellite broadcaster. This is the first consequence of a clear and precise choice made by the company, namely that of severing the collaboration that linked the television owned by Rupert Murdoch with a partner now considered historical.

Sky and Mediaset Premium: viewing interrupted of 7 channels from January

The rumors of a breakup had already spread at the end of last summer, so much so as to presage a ‘ interruption of broadcasts as early as November, then postponed. But now the decision has become official and has been relaunched by most of the media dealing with the sector: Sky has decided not to renew the partnership with Mediaset Premium .

And so, the most immediate consequence of this rupture leads to the interruption of the transmissions of 7 channels which until today it was possible to find by zapping with the remote control. These are the three channels Crime , Stories and Action – designed to broadcast the most viewed TV series and acclaimed – and four others dedicated to cinema (Premium Cinema 1 , Premium Cinema 1 + 24 , Premium Cinema 2 and Premium Cinema 3 ).

Clearly Sky continues to provide its users with all the services currently active, which can make up for the gaps left by the deletion of the channels of the Biscione . In fact, for those who own the Sky Q decoder – and subscribe to the relative subscription – the option of the Primafila package remains present , with a wide choice of different channels dedicated to the great Italian and American cinema, the best TV series, horror cinema and children’s films.

Sky and Mediaset Premium: end of a partnership that lasted years

Furthermore, again thanks to the functions included in the Sky Q decoder , subscribers who have a stable wifi connection inside of their home can also take advantage of other platforms that rely on the Sky schedule for the transmission of their products. We are talking about Netflix and Amazon Prime : in fact, if you have a subscription, you can use their contents directly on the Sky decoder.

As for the situation in Cologno Monzese , Premium goes to the attic after 17 years of life spent between continuous ups and downs. There was great enthusiasm around the project when Mediaset managed to secure the exclusive rights of the Uefa Champions League in football during the three-year period between 2015 and 2018. But then the Berlusconi-Confalonieri pay TV failed to retain other viewers and, indeed, gradually lost all the appeal that had distinguished it during those past years.

Meanwhile from the season 2021 / 2022 the matches of the greatest $pean football tournament (as well as those of the $pa League and Conference League) are again visible on Sky via the Sport subscription . After the Christmas break, the round of 16 will start again in February and it will also be possible to see all the international matches of Juventus and Inter, with the exception of those broadcast exclusively by Amazon Prime .