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Ciara ‘wants to celebrate’ her kids and make them ‘feel confident’: ‘It’s important to me’

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Clear she can be a busy mom, but she always is rooting for her three childrenPrincess of Siena5, and Winning Harrison2, which she shares with her husband Russell Wilsonand son Future8 years old, who he shares with his ex Future Zahir – it doesn’t matter what they want to do.

“I really want to celebrate my kids. I want them to feel confident and know you can do anything that comes your way – and to just believe in themselves,” the 37-year-old, who collaborated with Grade unveil Unlimited by Degree®which introduces the innovative Smart Adapt® patented antiperspirant technology, creating a flexible microbarrier that responds to perspiration from movement, heat and stress for maximum odor + perspiration protection (up to 96 hours), says Morning honey. “It’s been a journey for me, and it’s really, really important to me because I know that trust is a game changer.”

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She continues: “I know when you trust yourself and give yourself a hug your unique attributes, tap into your greatness and the gifts that are within you. The sky is the limit and you can do anything you believe in. Having that mindset and that attitude, it matters. I will always be their biggest cheerleader – and same with their dad. I’m excited to see them grow, but I’m like, ‘Don’t go too fast!’ I hope I can do a great job of adjusting with them as they go through every stage and step of their lives.”

Ciara’s outlook on life is something she hopes for instill in his children one daywhich is why working with Degree was the perfect fit.

“I’ve been a huge fan of Degree for years. It’s the one product you need to use when you have anxious sweat. It’s the secret sauce. I was excited to work with them to discuss Unlimited by Degree®, which introduces innovative patented antiperspirant technology Smart Adapt®. When you’re anxious, your confidence isn’t as high. Someone might be worried and so they might sweat and feel uncomfortable, so they back off and not live life to the fullest. One One of the reasons why I love this campaign it’s because it’s about living life without limits.”

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“I love the product and it’s the real deal,” she adds. “As someone who performs, is a mom and is always on the go, my life moves fast and sometimes when I prepare for a live performance or an interview, I sweat anxiously. I love diving into this exciting campaign and getting people to speak up — and hopefully make people hear more confident in themselves.

Degree presented a new study that looked at the nationwide impact of sweat-inducing moments. The study revealed that two out of three Americans experience heavy or anxious perspiration that interferes with their daily activities, which is why Degree is introducing Unlimited by Degree®an antiperspirant collection that allows people to go about their lives without being held back by sweat and odors.

“When you feel dry and clean, you walk around with a different attitude,” she explains. “You can’t be limited – and you shouldn’t be limited. Knowing all the facts is an eye opener and we need to give people the confidence to go out and live their best life!”

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As for what the future holds, the “Goodies” singer can’t wait to see what her kids gravitate towards.

“They do everything from dance to piano, and Future likes to beat box with me. Sienna likes to dance: she likes gymnastics and ballet, and also plays soccer. Future loves baseball, soccer, and basketball. curious what they do in the end it will be okay but it was so much fun to watch There is never a boring moment in our house”, he confesses.

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“They’re very proud of us and proud of me,” she says. “But at the end of the day, you’re just mom, right? My 2-year-old has no idea what I do. In my house, it’s a mommy battle because to him, I’m just mom. But sometimes they’ll see moments where a fan walks up to me and they react and hug me tighter. It’s really cute. They are protective of me.”